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How to Choose the Right Metal for Your Diamond Engagement Ring?

If you are worrying or have no idea, how to choose the right metal for your engagement ring then, here are a few tips for you to help to make the right choice.

The best part of choosing the perfect metal for the diamond engagement ring is that it radiates and perfectly matches your partner’s skin tone. So, not only the gemstone but, you should choose the best metal for your engagement ring.

Well, when you will reach the market to purchase an engagement ring in diamond then, you will get a wide variety of materials to choose from. But, it is important for you to choose the one that will perfectly match your partner’s choice. When you choose the diamond you consider the cut, color and overall appearance of the diamond but, the metal you pick can either highlight or diminish the certain qualities so, it is important to buy the right metal for your engagement ring with diamond.

If you are worrying or have no idea, how to choose the right metal for your engagement ring then, here are a few tips for you to help to make the right choice -

Know what metal your partner favours

Well, there are many simple ways to pick the right metal for your beloved bride-to-be but, the first place you can start from is her jewelry box. You can look into the jewelry box of your partner and see which metal colors they favour. If you think that your partner is ready to try or wear any new material then, you can pick any metals for your diamond engagement ring. You can buy an online engagement ring with mixed metals or can buy a wedding band with contrasting metal.

Consider the color of the diamond

Another thing to consider while choosing the metal for your engagement ring with a diamond is the color of your diamond. We all know that sparkling white diamonds look good with any metal but, the beauty of colored diamonds or fancy diamonds will be best enhanced with white gold or platinum. So, when you are picking the metal for your diamond engagement ring, you must consider the color of the diamond.

But, while purchasing a diamond you should know that each precious metal has different physical factors, which affect its durability and appearance as well.

Here is the list of different metals you can choose for your engagement ring in diamond.

Rose Gold Ring

One of the choicest metals for a diamond engagement ring is the rose gold ring. In recent years, it has become a popular choice for many. This offers the wearer a soft and romantic feel, and it perfectly goes with pink diamonds.

Yellow Gold Ring

One of the traditional choice of people and the metal lends itself well in the classic and vintage diamond ring. High carat gold can be easily scratched so, choose the perfect carat, if your partner has an active lifestyle or is a sportsperson.

White Gold Ring

It is the dazzling silvery ring, which is more contemporary than yellow gold ring. White gold ring is more durable and stronger than yellow gold ring. But, this requires regular maintenance than any other metals.

Platinum Ring

Silvery white in color, Platinum is an iconic choice for engagement rings. Platinum highlights the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond. It is extremely durable and the best part is that it never fades and is really difficult to damage.

Palladium Ring

It is a natural white metal but, as it is new to the bridal sector so, not all craftsmen know to design the engagement rings using this metal. So, the choice of Palladium rings for diamond engagement rings are less extensive. This is an extremely durable and malleable metal, which makes it easy to design with.

Consider Your Budget

These are the metals that you can choose for your engagement ring. But, while purchasing the right metal for your engagement ring in diamond, what you should consider is your budget. Budget plays a vital role in buying a diamond ring online or offline. Well, if we talk about the above-discussed metals’ price then, Depending on the carat, Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold are similar in prices. But, these metals are less expensive than a similar platinum ring.

Due to the superior qualities and durability or platinum, it is one of the most expensive metals choices. And in the other hand, Palladium metals are lighter than platinum thus, it is the best option for the people with low budgets. However, the lightness of this precious metal might feel strange for some people.

So, if you will consider your partner’s choice, the color of the diamond and of course, your budget then, you will be able to purchase the metal for an engagement ring with diamond for your better-half. Follow these tips and pick the right metal for an engagement ring within your budget to make this special moment even more special and memorable for both of you.


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