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Top 10 Best Diamond Rings for Engagement

Select the best diamond ring mentioned here and show your love to your dear one. The significance of diamond rings for engagement is can’t be defined.

Diamond rings are now a part of engagements. It is just like that we can't imagine any engagement without diamond rings. Even children recognize the glittering diamond engagement ring as a symbol of being engaged.

It is India where diamonds were discovered thousands of years ago and used as decorations and as talismans to keep evil spirits away. It is said that the custom of diamond rings for engagement began after an incident when “Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed “Mary” of Burgundy with a diamond ring to be his life partner. After this, diamond rings became the symbol of eternal love and commitment.

Today, we can see the use of diamond rings practically in every culture where every kind of love is celebrated. And, as the time changes the alternative of the traditional diamonds is now in demands with a surfeit of colors, shapes, and sizes. Generally, diamonds are categorized according to their cut or shape and sparkles.

So here are the top 10 best diamond rings for engagement you can go with:

1. Round Cut Diamond Rings for Engagement:

More than 65%of the diamond engagement rings sold are round cut diamond rings. It is the first choice for almost every person. They have a classic symmetrical shape that consists of 58 facets. It is the sparkliest of all diamonds shapes.

To get the perfect shape and facets, most of the rough diamond is lost while cutting. This is the reason why this is a little more costly than other diamonds.

2. Princess-Cut Diamond Rings for Engagement:

The second most purchased diamond ring after round cut diamond rings is “Princess Cut Diamond Ring”. It is the second most popular diamond choice. It has a square shape with pointed corners and has 76 facets which offer exceptional sparkle. The diamond has incredible shine despite the square shape.

Many believe that the princess cut dates back to the 1970s when a new shape, the Barion Cut, was introduced by Basil Watermeyer. But this princess-cut diamond actually dated back to 1961 when a diamond cutter who was based in London, Arpad Nagy, created what was known as a profile cut. That same cut is known as the princess cut.

3. Oval-Cut Diamond Rings for Engagement:

This oval cut diamond ring for engagement is intended to represent the longevity of your relationship, which might explain the popularity of oval cut diamond rings.

A little less traditional than the round cut diamond ring, oval cut diamond ring offer outstanding brilliance and fire. It looks good on all hand shapes. Due to its elongated shape, it gives the illusion of being larger than it actually is. Although recently invented in the mid-1900s, it has already proven to be a lasting and beloved style.

4. Pear-Shaped Diamond Rings for Engagement:

The phenomenal pear cut diamond rings, which is a great combination of marquise and the oval cut is totally outstanding. The pear cut diamond ring resembling a teardrop, created to offer maximum brilliance and fire.

This teardrop cut diamond originated in Belgium by a Polish gemstone polisher named Louis Van Berquem in 1458. As compared to round cut diamonds, Pear cut diamonds are less expensive like other fancy shapes.

5. Cushion Cut Diamond Ring for Engagement:

Cushion-cut diamond ring is used to be the most sought after diamond style before round cut diamond came into existence at the beginning of the 20 th century. It is also described as the mine cut or old mine cut diamond. This type of diamond derives their name from its shape, which resembles a pillow. It is in a rectangular or square shape, but unlike the princess cut diamonds, their corners are rounded.

Generally less brilliant than round cut diamond, cushions have more substantial inner fire and sparkle which attracts a huge number of buyers. This cut is suited to brides who like lavish vintage looks and is flattering on wide fingers.

6. Emerald-Cut Diamond Rings for Engagement:

Being the first diamond cut in the world, the emerald cut is perfect for colored gemstones as well as high-quality diamonds. It is also known as "step-cut diamond" because of the layered faceting, which notably creates a 'box of mirrors' effect when you peer inside the stone.

The emerald diamond cut has slimming and elongating effect on the fingers, making it perfect for someone with wide and short hands. Like other fancy shapes, the emerald cut diamond has not a grade assigned by GIA.

It is cheaper than round cut diamonds as it requires less manufacturing when being cut, compared to rounds and wastes less of the precious raw material.

7. Radiant Cut Diamond Ring for Engagement:

The radiant cut diamond is among one of the most sought after elegant diamond shapes. The rectangular shape with cropped corners gives this most sophisticated and modern look with a durable structure. Comparing to the other diamond shapes, the radiant shape is also less prone to chipping or catching.

Radiant cut diamonds are new to the jewelry industry, introduced just a few generations ago. It started gaining popularity in the 1980s. The radiant cut diamond ring for engagement is perfect for those who demand exceptional sparkle without having to baby the stone.

8. Solitaire Diamond Ring for Engagement:

It is the most popular engagement ring so far. The word “Solitaire Diamond Ring” is used to describe one single diamond that is set into a ring. It consists of two parts: Diamond and Setting. There are many kinds of solitaire ring settings. Solitaire diamonds ring can have hefty carat weights and can be more modest. The setting of the solitaire diamond engagement ring depends on one’s personal style and budget.

9. Halo Diamond Ring for Engagement:

Halo means a disk or circle of light shown surrounding or above the heads of a saint or holy person to represent their holiness. In this way, we can easily define that a halo diamond engagement ring is a setting that has a center diamond in a collection of round pave diamonds. This creates interest and draws attention to the diamond engagement ring.

These halo diamond rings are comparably bigger than solitaire diamond rings. It is a perfect example of contemporary design. Although it costs a lot because of its settings and numbers of diamonds used in it, people are still attracted to it and ready to have one.

10. Three Stones Diamond Ring for Engagement:

These three stones diamond engagement rings consist of a large diamond in the centre and the two slightly smaller diamonds on the sides. The three-stone or diamond in it defines the past, present, and future. The middle one is the bigger which defines that the present moment has more value. It holds a totally different value than the traditional solitaire diamond ring.

This three stones diamond ring is also called trilogy or trinity rings. If you want to explore something different this three stones diamond ring is the best option out there.

Closing thoughts…

The significance of diamond rings for engagement is can’t be defined. It has now become part of expressing one's love and affection to others. There is no specified occasion or event which you wait for, to gift a precious diamond ring to your loved one. So, select the best diamond ring mentioned above and show your love to your dear one.


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