Clarity Diamond™


Clarity Diamond™ believes in elevating lab-grown diamonds to the next level. Grown in Austin, Texas, their unique growing process allows them to go beyond the 4Cs and grow larger, brighter, and more beautiful diamonds that are truly unlike anything else. Discover the beauty and wonder of a Clarity diamond today. 

 Clarity Diamond is the finest quality lab-grown diamond. The unique and unmatched single growth process technology allows for diamonds free of growth lines and graining, which means Clarity diamonds perform above all others. 

All Clarity diamonds are natural in color, available in 1.50ct and up in size, and only available in the best clarities and colors. Choose from a wide selection of shapes, all cut with supreme precision to amplify their natural brilliance. 

From using clean power to power the growing facility to paying attention to the working conditions at our cutting factory (and everything in-between), Clarity is always looking for ways to be a more responsible, sustainable business. 

Clarity understands that knowing where your diamond came from is important. All diamonds are grown right here in North America. The state-of-the-art growing facility is located in Austin, Texas and is surrounded by natural beauty.