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Diamond Rings Near San Jose CA

The Perfect Gem For the Perfect Ring

Diamonds have been an enduringly popular choice for everything from fashion jewelry to, of course, diamond rings. The hardest stone on Earth is also one of the most sought-after, both for its durability and a 'sparkle factor' that can be spotted from across the room. But what causes that shine? This is a combination of the stone's clarity and the way in which it is cut.

Cut to Shine

Diamond solitaire rings come in a variety of gorgeous cuts. Each cut of diamond creates a different effect. The round cut is the most popular for diamonds. This symmetrical cut creates an evenly sparkly effect from any direction. For real dazzle, consider a princess cut. In this case, the diamond is generally squared off with numerous facets to catch the light. Keep in mind that, because of the way the princess cut is faceted, it has a different look depending on the clarity of the diamond.

Another lovely choice is the marquis cut. In this case, the diamond will look more like a pointed oval. This is a good choice if you want larger accent gems on each side of the diamond as the cut leaves plenty of space at the top of your finger. Marquis also give the impact of a larger diamond at an affordable price. Finally, what about if you want a flash of fire instead of tiny sparkles? In this case, look for emerald cuts. This geometric cut creates, at the right angle, an intense flare of light.

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Not sure which cut is right for you? We have a great selection of <strong>diamond rings near San Jose CA</strong> for you to see in person. Come by our jewelry store near San Jose CA and ask our friendly store associates! They can help you find a match within your budget and the look that ring you're dreaming of.

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