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The Importance of Conflict-Free Diamonds

The Importance of Conflict-Free Diamonds

Diamonds add brilliance and grandeur to pieces of jewelry that define important moments in our lives. Engagement rings, wedding bands and other gifts, such as diamond necklaces or earrings, symbolize deep gratitude or eternal devotion. Society's embrace of the natural, unassailable diamond as a classic symbol of commitment and loyalty lends to the collective essence of the gem. The steadfast diamond as the centerpiece of a gift of such magnitude should be as pure and true as the intention and promise behind its presentation.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

In parts of the world experiencing civil and rebel wars, the revenue from the sale and production of diamonds can finance efforts of violence and combat, polluting the romance of diamonds from those locales. Conflict-free diamonds are certified gems mined and processed in areas free of rebel discord and civil unrest. These diamonds offer customers peace of mind, and our commitment to certified conflict-free diamonds allows the recipients of our jewelry to wear and display their gifts proudly. We understand the desire of our customers to purchase genuine, honored pieces of jewelry, and we work diligently to preserve the noble and symbolic status of the diamond.

Our Commitment to the Kimberley Certification Process

In our efforts to keep our jewelry as genuine and conflict-free as possible, Geoffrey's Diamonds expresses our commitment to the Kimberley process of certifying legitimate, conflict-free diamonds from trusted suppliers. Created by a charter of the United Nations, the Kimberley process is the global standard procedure defined by governmental, industrial and civil agencies that ensure the sale, import, and export of rough diamonds that are compliant with the decisions and judgments of the United Nations. Our guarantee printed on invoices for the sales of our diamonds illustrates our promise to our customers that diamonds used in our products come from violence- and conflict-free sources.

For more on conflict-free diamonds, the Kimberley process of certification and our commitment to ensuring the quality and substance of the diamonds in our jewelry, please watch our informative video.