A Guide to November Birthstone Topaz Gemstone

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A guide to November Birthstone Topaz - The Symbol of Love & Affection You might have seen people wearing gemstones their birthstone. And this must be exciting you as well to wear the same, but do you know what birthstone November born people wear? People think wearing a birthstone brings them good luck and protects them from any misfortunes in the future. Well, it is said that birthstones save the wearer from specific dangers in the world. But, what actually birthstones are, and why people wear birthstones?

Birthstones are associated with one's birth date. It is believed that wearing a birthstone will bring good luck and good health. The birthstones are associated with each month. And as November has already hit the calendar and the people might have started looking for the best gifts for their loved ones born in November. Birthstone rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings are the best birthstone jewelry gifts you can opt for your loved ones.

November Birthstone Topaz Well, the November babies are fortunate enough to wear two birthstones. Yes, there are two November birthstones Citrine and Topaz. Also, these gemstones come in a dazzling array of colors, designs, and at an affordable price. Well, the November birthstone Topaz comes from a Sanskrit word, which actual meaning is fire. Folklore said Topaz could be used to control heat. It has the power to cool boiling water and so as excessive anger. That's why people used to wear rings or earrings of topaz to control anger. Well, Topaz has some medicinal properties as well, it was used to cure fever.

When it comes to hardness then Topaz is similar to diamonds, although Topaz is easier to break. Topaz is a silicate mineral, the composition of fluorine, and aluminum. It is the hardest of silicates as it is composed of extremely strong chemical bonds. It is easier to find Topaz in different sizes, ranging from tiny crystals to massive rocks. The best of the Topaz gemstone is that they are available in countless shapes and also in a variety of colors. This gives the November born an opportunity to choose from a wide variety of designs, shapes, and colors. In terms of the color of Topaz, its deep orange shade called Imperial Topaz is the most valuable one.

November birthstone Topaz symbolizes love and affection. It is believed that this gemstone gives the wearer strength and intellect, especially if the wearer is November born baby. If you are one of those people born in November then you read the blog till the end to know more about Topaz color, facts, and folklore.

Interesting Facts of Topaz Gemstone Topaz carries many interesting facts with it and we have collected some of the amazing facts about Topaz that you must know if your birthstone is Topaz.

  1. Legends said that the term Topaz comes from a small island called Topazzos. The Romans have found golden stones on the island, although it was not Topaz, they were Peridot gemstones.
  2. It’s a belief by the Greeks that this gemstone could increase the strength of the wearer and also provide the needed help during hardships.
  3. Imperial Topaz is a highly valuable topaz due to red-color feature and rarity. This gemstone has most of the red coloring at both the top and bottom of the gemstone.
  4. Mostly the middle part of the gemstone has an orange color with pink undertones. But, less than 1% of all Topaz gems show this color.
  5. The Imperial Topaz is the name given after the Russian Czars of the 18th and 19th centuries and it is widely used in the imperial jewels of Russia.
  6. Topaz gem is a hard and durable gemstone and also it has ranked 8th on the Mohs scale of hardness. And this is what makes it the perfect choice for everyday jewelry. But, still, it requires proper care to avoid any cracking.
  7. Other qualities of the gemstone believed by the Greeks is that this gemstone could help in protecting people from injury. Whereas the Romans used to believe that this stone improves the eyesight.
  8. It is also believed by the Greeks that this stone can make the wearer invisible.
  9. People think Topaz is a light brown gemstone that is expensive and found in abundance, but in reality, Topaz also comes in high-quality varieties that come at highly-expensive prices.
  10. This gemstone is associated with friendship, love, devotion, commitment, and faithfulness. All these things make it a perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, or anniversary. This is also a wedding anniversary gemstone which is given to the couple who's celebrating the 4th or 19th year of marriage.
  11. Topaz is so identical to Citrine gemstone that is almost impossible for a layman to distinguish between the two.
  12. In the year 1680, a colorless Topaz was found which was beautifully adorned the Portuguese crown. It was a well-known topaz gemstone in the history of gemology and also was believed to be the largest diamond found to date until its real identity came out.
  13. Golden Topaz can increase immunity also helps in treating obesity, anxiety, muscle cramps, stomach issues, diabetes, liver-related problem, etc.
  14. Brazil is one of the main sources of Topaz. Others are Zimbabwe, Russia, Nigeria, and Germany. If we talk about Asian countries then it’s Pakistan and Sri Lanka is a major source of Topaz. Pakistan is a noteworthy source for red, pink, and violet Topaz. Apart from this, India is also considered one of the major sources of Topaz.

Color of Topaz comes in a range of beautiful colors like pale green, pink, red, brown, blue, and even black, which makes them perfect for pieces of jewelry. But, pure Topaz itself is a colorless gemstone. The colors like pink and red in Topaz comes from Chromium that is substituted for aluminum in the crystals. But the other colors occur due to minor element replacements and defects in the crystal.

Let’s know in brief about Topaz gemstone color:-

  • Topaz is almost colorless, but its impurity can almost turn it into any hues mostly yellow, the traditional tone of the gemstone.
  • The reddish-orange gem with pink undertones, known as Imperial Topaz is the most valuable form of Topaz.
  • Blue Topaz is very rare, hence its prices are also high. And the ones that are available for sale commonly have been treated.

Topaz - The Symbol of Love and Affection People consider gemstones when it comes to giving anniversary or wedding gifts. But, they have no idea whether topaz is good for gifting purposes or not. Well, for that you will have to know what Topaz symbolizes apart from being the birthstone of November.

November birthstone Topaz symbolizes love and affection. Also, it is said that it bestows strength and intelligence on the wearer. When someone opts for blue topaz as a gift then it is said to be a promise of love and devotion.

Topaz is a magnificent gem that is perfect for jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. When brilliantly cut, the pure Topaz often mistaken for diamonds. This means if you are buying a topaz ring for someone special born in November month then it will look not less than a diamond ring. Well, the most valued colored Topaz is red, because of its rarity. This is an expensive gemstone. If your budget allows you can buy a red-colored Topaz ring, bracelet, or necklace for you or your loved ones born in November. Topaz is the birthstone of November born people hence, it’s perfect to give as birthday gifts. Imperial Topaz comes in varieties of reddish-brown, orange-yellow, and brownish-yellow, which are the most popular as well as expensive topaz stones. If looking for a low-priced topaz stone for wedding gifts or anniversary gifts then you can go for light blue and pale yellow Topaz. Though these are of less value but are still stunning in beauty.

Is It Citrine or Topaz the November Birthstone? Topaz is the traditional November birthstone because in the early 20th century every yellow stone is considered to be Topaz. But, later it is discovered that Topaz can occur in many colors. So, the Golden-topaz is the modern November birthstone, but due to affordable price Citrine is the most preferred birthstone. Well, both are perfect for jewelry as they are durable and magnificently beautiful. Topaz is a popular choice because of its durability, rarity, and elegance beauty.

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