Custom Jewelry

At Geoffrey's Diamonds, our experience and expertise makes us the best for custom jewelry design in the industry, we will take your dream piece from concept to reality. 


Our design process was created expressly to guide you from concept to completion in the most informed way possible. We provide detailed CAD/CAM illustrations (computer designed pictures) as well as actual wax models you can hold in your hand, previewing your final piece. Our goal is make the creation of your dream jewelry a positive, informed process that fulfills your expectations.



The next step in our design process utilizes our Computer Graphics department, which generates something called CAD/CAM, a computer-assisted illustration of your creation. This step gives you a very exact graphic representation of your design and facilitates the final casting and creation of your dream piece of jewelry.



Our Computer Graphics Department next “grows” a wax, utilizing state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques to fabricate an actual wax representation. This enables you to actually hold your jewelry piece in your hand and preview what the final piece will be. At every stage of our Custom Design Process we emphasize involving our customer the fullest extent possible.




Your design now goes into casting!  Your custom piece is fabricated to the highest standards, set with the choicest gems and finished to exacting standards only achievable using the best craftsmen. At last your dream becomes a reality.