Clarity Diamonds

A new standard of brilliance

Discover a new generation of diamonds, artfully engineered to the highest quality possible. GIA certified, American grown, and cut to perfection.

Clarity produces the finest quality siamonds in the lab-grown market. Their unique growth process and best-in-class precision cutting results in a premium diamond truly in a league of its own. From first glance, the Clarity difference is one you can see.

Artfully Crafted
Clarity's diamonds are grown with care and cut meticulously with brilliance in mind.
GIA Certified
Clarity is proud to certify their diamonds with GIA, the top grading laboratory in the industry.
American Grown
All Clarity diamonds are grown in their state-of-the-art facility in Austin, TX.

Undisputed Quality, Uninterrupted Luxury

The Clarity Diamond™ untreated single growth process allows them to grow larger, brighter, more beautiful diamonds free from any post-growth treatment and visible growth lines. This patented method ensures uninterrupted production from start to finish, resulting in optimal brilliance and clarity. Clarity diamonds are grown slowly with the utmost precision and this is all done in the US with a focus on transparency at every avenue.

Next-level Craftsmanship, Next-to-impossible Clarity

Cut is arguably the most crucial factor in determining a diamond’s capacity to engage with light. A well-cut diamond has the power to truly captivate while a poorly cut diamond is dull and lifeless, and this is why Clarity spends so much time focusing on the cut of their diamonds. All Clarity diamonds are cut with supreme precision, exhibiting exceptional beauty that is visible to the naked eye. Experience the pinnacle of diamond perfection and unrivaled brilliance with Clarity Diamond™.