Best Wedding Anniversary Gemstone Gifts

Wedding anniversaries are a huge celebration, not only for the couple, but also for their family, friends, and relatives. They plan surprises for the couple and select the best anniversary gifts for them.

Though there are plenty of ways and anniversary gift ideas to surprise spouse on the wedding anniversary, people look for the best and memorable gift idea to celebrate milestone anniversaries. They want the gift to be as special as their beloved partner is. Hence, most of them go for stylish and sparkling diamond rings and jewelry.

There are hordes of gifts to celebrate each milestone, but the most appropriate one will make the celebration splendid and memorable for both of you.

And when you are planning to gift jewelry to your spouse then selecting the right gemstone and metal is really important.

Well, diamonds can never go wrong with any occasion. This is one of the best gifts that people can give to their partners, especially on a wedding or wedding anniversary.

Diamonds are forever! It’s the symbol of eternal love and commitment. This will stays forever just like their love. Hence, one of the best gifts you can give to your spouse on your wedding anniversary is a diamond ring or any other piece of diamond jewelry.

Significance of Anniversary Rings

Before you start looking for the best gemstone and metal, you should ask yourself why anniversaries are special. You both completed a successful year of marriage, you should celebrate this blissful occasion and renew your vows to each other.

Anniversary rings come in different forms of wedding bands, couple bands, or also ring with sophisticated gemstones.

So, instead of a diamond ring, you can also opt for a colored gemstone ring. According to your partner’s zodiac sign or birth month, you can select the gemstone ring for your spouse. Choose a piece of jewelry with an appropriate anniversary gemstone to celebrate the milestones of your life.

Wedding Anniversary Stones

1st anniversary – Gold and Peridot stone

Gold is not a gemstone, but this is metal is the traditional recommendation for the first wedding anniversary. Usually, it is combined with peridot stone, but there are many other beautiful colored gemstones that perfectly go with this yellow metal, which symbolizes the golden glow of the first year

2nd anniversary – garnet stone

Garnet is the official gemstone of the 2nd wedding anniversary. The deep red color of the gemstone symbolizes love, romance, and commitment. This gemstone is relatively inexpensive.

3rd anniversary – pearl or jade

Pearl is the traditional 3rd wedding anniversary gift, while jade is the alternative traditional 3rd anniversary stone. You can opt for any of these two gemstones as your 3rd-anniversary gift. This beautiful stone symbolizes purity, honesty, and beauty. This is also the official gemstone of the 12th and 30th wedding anniversary.

4th anniversary – Blue topaz or zircon

Blue topaz is the official gemstone of the 4th wedding anniversary. Jewelry with any blue or green gemstones like turquoise and jade is a nice option for a 4th wedding anniversary gift.

5th anniversary – Sapphire

The beautiful sapphire is the perfect 5th wedding anniversary gift. Most people think that this only comes in blue color, but being a variety of corundum, sapphire comes in different hues except red. The red corundum is ruby.

6th anniversary – amethyst

You can give your spouse the gift of amethyst that is the traditional gift for the 6th wedding anniversary.

7th anniversary – Onyx, yellow sapphire, golden beryl

Onyx is the symbol of happiness and prosperity hence, a wonderful gift for your spouse on the 7th wedding anniversary. Onyx is the traditional 7th wedding anniversary stone, whereas yellow sapphire is the alternative to the traditional 7th wedding anniversary stone.

8th anniversary – Tourmaline

Tourmaline not only comes in pink color but also in orchid, blue, yellow, red, black, brown, and watermelon. This beautiful stone symbolizes love and friendship. Also, it is a belief that it removes negativity, nervousness, fear and increases the strength of the body and mind.

9th anniversary - Lapis Lazuli

It is the traditional 9th wedding anniversary stone. This gemstone is considered to protect the wearer from physical danger, encourages honesty and dignity. Amethyst is the alternative 9th wedding anniversary stone.

10th anniversary – Diamonds or blue sapphire

Diamonds are extremely beautiful and rare. They are traditionally used for wedding rings hence, they are used to celebrate milestone anniversaries. The traditional 10th anniversary stone is diamonds and the alternative to the 9th wedding anniversary stone is blue sapphire.

15th anniversary – ruby, garnet, and alexandrite

Three gemstones are commonly connected with the 15th wedding anniversary gift and that is ruby, garnet, and alexandrite.

20th anniversary – Emerald, yellow or golden diamond

Once, emerald was a popular gift for lovers. And today this is the traditional 20th wedding anniversary stone. Yellow or golden diamonds are the alternative 20th wedding anniversary gemstone.

25th anniversary – Tsavorite or silver

As the 25th wedding anniversary is a silver jubilee and is associated with silver then why not opt for silver as a gift for your spouse on the 25th anniversary. The traditional stone of the 25th anniversary is tsavorite, which is a type of rich green garnet that resembles emerald.

30th anniversary – Pearl

Pearl is associated with the 30th anniversary. You will find gorgeous pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

40th anniversary – Ruby

The traditional gemstone of the 40th anniversary is Ruby. This is because rubies are thought to possess eternal inner flame, which symbolizes the love is still alive even after spending 40 years.

50th anniversary – Gold or imperial gold topaz

50th wedding anniversary is popularly known as golden jubilee so, gold is associated with this. And imperial gold topaz is the alternative 50th wedding anniversary stone. Gold is associated with wealth and prosperity. So, this could be a perfect gift to celebrate one of the biggest milestones of your life – the golden jubilee.

Diamond wedding rings or diamond anniversary rings are very popular, but when you want to choose something unique then you can go for any of the traditional gemstones we have discussed above.

So, those who are looking for other wedding anniversary gifts than diamond rings and diamond jewelry can go for any of the above-discussed different traditional gemstones associated with each year. These will not only convey your inner feelings to your beloved spouse but, will also make the day more memorable.