Colored Gemstone Engagement Ring Buying Guide


Colored Gemstone Engagement Ring Buying Guide

People getting engaged tend to invest lots of time, energy, and money in buying their engagement ring. But who says that only diamonds are the precious stones that are perfect for engagement rings? It’s actually fun to get the engagement ring for your partner in colored gemstone instead of a diamond. Well, it’s true that diamonds are girls’ best friends, but not every girl is the same. Different girls have different choices. But, have you ever thought of having a solitaire or diamond engagement ring for your partner but, with the center diamond being replaced with a beautiful colored gemstone, how would that look on your partner’s finger?

It’s common for the girls, who are in love to dream about her engagement ring. Yours too might be dreaming about her engagement to be sparkled by getting an astoundingly beautiful gemstone engagement ring. When she is dreaming to be sparkling then why would you go for the traditional way to propose to her with a diamond engagement ring? You must be aware of what she is actually looking for. Just keep your eyes on her, listen to what she’s saying as she might be giving some hints. All this will help you to buy the best gemstone engagement ring for her.

If you are really looking for unique wedding rings then you can definitely go for colored-gemstones rings. There are numerous gemstones available you can use in place of diamonds in the engagement ring. But, which color or stones you will use depend on your partner’s choice as well as her sun sign. Most gemstones are related to the birth date of a person. So, it would be great to opt for a birthstone ring for engagement.

Here we have gathered all the important information about gemstones and its color that are surely gonna help you choose the best gemstone engagement ring for your human gem.

What Are Gemstones?

Just like diamonds, Gemstones are the rocks, minerals, or organic matter that are used as a human adornment. Due to its color, beauty, durability, and of course, rarity the gemstones are cut and faceted then polished to make exquisite jewelry. Well, some are known for their durability, there are some gemstones that are not used for jewelry because of their delicate nature.

Gemstones are popular for its diverse beauty. Also, these are available in numerous colors and shades. Originally the gemstones look less beautiful in a rough state. They may look like normal rocks and pebble, but look astoundingly gorgeous when cut and polished by an expert. Its full color and luster can be seen only after skilled cutting and polishing. Most people prefer to buy gemstones with clear or medium tone and others depend on the preferences of the recipient.

What is a gemstone engagement ring?

Gemstone engagement rings are the new alternative of the traditional diamond engagement rings. Basically these are the types of the engagement ring with non-diamond center stone. People who love to try out new things, look for more available varieties. Thus, even for their wedding rings and engagement rings they go for something new and unique.

Gemstones engagement rings are also designed using the traditional settings like solitaire, three-stones and halos. Well, some couples do not go for the traditional setting for their untraditional center stone on engagement or wedding rings. The most common gemstones that are used for engagement rings are Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. But, apart from these there are a stunning variety of gemstones available in different colors that are picked by couples for their D-Day. Opal and Amethyst engagement rings are gaining equal popularity like diamonds in engagement rings.

So, what gemstone should you choose for your fiancé? Let’s discuss popular gemstones for engagement rings and also what they symbolize, which will make it easier for you to pick the best engagement ring for her.

Popular Gemstones for Engagement Ring

Actually there are a lot of benefits of buying gemstone engagement rings. Each gemstone symbolizes something also has deep meaning. These are fun and colorful, available in infinite shapes and sizes and colors as well. And the best benefit due to which most people go for a ring with gemstone as center stone is its cost or price. These are much affordable than the traditional engagement ring in diamond.

Here is the long list of the popular gemstones people pick for their engagement or wedding ring.


Ruby is a timeless choice for engagement rings. Its rich, luxurious red-blood tone is what makes it a popular choice for engagement and even wedding rings. Also known as the king of the gemstones ruby is as durable as diamonds and always shines like new. However, this beautiful gemstone can actually be more expensive than diamonds.

Color - Red and Pink Meaning - Since ages ruby gemstone has represented love, wisdom, purity, nobility and passion. Birthstone - July


These are the semi-precious cute pretty purple stones that are less beautiful when in rock state. But, this looks absolutely stunning in jewelry when cut finely. Also, it’s the astrological substitute of Sapphire and is the birthstone of February. So, you can opt for this elegant piece of gemstone paired with rose gold or silver settings for a gorgeous look.

Color - Purple, Violet, Dark Purple Meaning - This renowned semiprecious gemstone is for protection, healing and cleansing. Birthstone - February


Sapphire are the blue precious stones that were the popular choice for engagement rings before the diamonds became the stone of choice. Apart from blue color this stone comes in hues of yellow, orange, pink, peach, green and white. At 9 on the Mohs scale, sapphires are the third hardest minerals, scratch resistant and durable. These are the perfect substitute for diamonds.

Color - Comes in pure rich blue color, is present almost in every color mainly yellow, pink, green, and orange. Meaning - It represents trust and royalty. Birthstone - September


Turquoise is an opaque gemstone that has become a really trendy stone over the last year. Most of the leading jewelry brands use this gemstone across their collections. They range from 5-7 on Mohs scale when combined with copper and aluminium. This can be well paired with diamonds in the ring to get a luxe finish with a matte stone.

Color - Blue, bluish green, sky blue, green, and yellowish green with black, gray and brown background. Meaning - Represents wisdom, tranquility, good fortune, hope and protection. Birthstone - December


Emerald are the green gemstones that are a popular choice for engagement rings because of its attractive green color. Their bright color creates a ‘wow’ factor that pairs well with every woman’s style. At 9 on the Mohs scale this gemstone ranks in between 7.5 to 8 and is pretty scratch-resistant too. They have fallen out of style in recent years but if designed well in a modern setting then this can give both look chic and timeless. Your emerald engagement ring can be forever too.

Color - Green Meaning - Symbol of truth and love. Birthstone - May


Pearls are beautiful and elegant. Because of its natural beauty, pearls are wildly popular in jewelries from centuries. This old-fashioned gemstone goes well with both luxe antique settings and new modern settings of engagement rings. Pearls are made of calcium carbonate and rate in between 2.5 – 4.5 on Mohs scale. This means pearls can be easily scratched and tarnished. But, there are a plethora of options available like freshwater pearl, saltwater pearls and cultured pearls if you want to buy pearl engagement rings within your budget.

Color - Black, blues, bronze, copper, dusty rose, earth tones, caramel, gold cream, gray, green, olive, peach, orange, pastel, rose, silver, turquoise, yellow, wine, tan, purple and pink are some of the few colors or pearl. Meaning - Different colors of pearls symbolizes different meanings for ex- white pearl symbolizes innocence, beauty, purity and new beginning. Birthstone - June


The dazzling beauty of the topaz makes it the natural choice for engagement rings. Topaz engagement rings are a good alternative of the diamond solitaire as it symbolizes love and affection. They tend to be 8 on the Mohs scale, but can be differ in their mineral content. A real topaz is actually colorless and the other colors like blue, pink, orange, red and green hues are actually created with its imperfections.

Color - reddish orange, pink, green, red, blue, honey, golden yellow, etc. Meaning - Symbolizes love and affection. Birthstone - November


Opals are making a comeback and are a perfect choice for engagement rings because of dazzling colors. It shows full rainbow color as it moves and dazzles this is the reason why two opals can never be the same. The translucent hue of the opals gives it a unique and elegant look, making it perfect for engagement rings. Well, opal rings are the traditional gift for 14 years of marriage.

Colors - Black is the rarest and most common colors are green, white and gray. Meaning - It is associated with love and passion as well as desires and eroticism. Birthstone - October Related Article: Guide to Opal Gemstone - The Birthstone of October


Due to its beautiful blue green color, aquamarine is a good substitute of diamond engagement rings. This gemstone range on Mohs scale is 7.5 – 8 this shows that this can be scratched or damaged if used as daily wear, but if worn with proper care then this stone will last forever. This semi-precious stone has beautiful clarity which makes it look expensive.

Color - Pale blue, dark blue, greenish blue Meaning - It symbolizes purity, hope, love and truth. Birthstone - March


Discovered only in the sixties, Tanzanite is a rarest and beautiful gemstone. This ranges from 7.5- 8 on the Mohs scale. The Tanzanite name was given after its place of origin in Northern Tanzania. This is 1000 times rarer than diamonds and it is estimated that only 30 years of supply is left for this beautiful gemstone, which makes it a perfect choice for your engagement ring.

Color - Blue, Violet and Purple Meaning - This stone symbolizes endurance, permanence and stability. Birthstone - December


If you are looking for the dazzling beauty and hardiness of diamonds for your engagement ring but have a low budget then Moissanite are stones that you can go for. These stones look as beautiful as diamonds if well cut and that’s why many retailers have a collection of Moissanite engagement rings. When these were discovered around 120 years back then these stones were mistaken for diamonds. With 9.5 ratings on the Mohs scale these clear stones are just behind the diamonds. This means they are the perfect substitute for diamond engagement rings at a low budget.

Color - Available in various shades of green, gray, yellow, pink, red, blue, purple and brown. Meaning - Symbolizes strong and unbreakable love. Birthstone - April

These are the choicest gemstones people opt for engagement rings or even wedding rings. You can also opt for any of these gemstones if you don’t want your engagement ring in traditional style of having diamond as center stone. But, you must know that birth months also play a vital role in gemstone engagement rings. A person should wear a gemstone ring according to the month he or she was born.

Hope this engagement ring buying guide will help you to select the best engagement ring for your partner. And make the day more interesting, fun and memorable for you two!