Complete guide to buying diamond earrings and how to maintain them.


Diamonds: Every woman’s dream. You can visit a shop and forget what you came to buy. How many times it has happened to you that you visit a jewelry store to buy gold but end up buying diamonds? We simply can’t say no to diamonds, even if it is a small one. Diamond rings are easy to buy but when it comes to earrings, you may feel a little confused.

Which size will suit your face?
Will it complement your facial features?
Will other colored stones look good with the diamond in your earring, or should you go with all diamond earrings?
Should you buy a stud or danglers?

Such questions will crowd your mind. This will make buying a diamond earring confusing for you. Another thing that will haunt you is the budget. As it is a huge investment, some people hold back buying earrings. They are comparatively costlier than diamond rings and cheaper than necklaces. If you are having second thoughts about buying diamond earrings here is how you can go about buying a diamond earring and making it one of your best investments.

Tips to buy perfect diamond earring for yourself

Plans to buy an earring, the search should start with self-analysis. The shape that will suit your face, whether you want one of the classic collections or the one that is trending in the market. Now there are many varieties of gemstones that can be coupled with the diamond to give it a charismatic appearance. You can choose from tourmaline, tanzanite, sapphires, polished diamonds, and rubies that would reflect the color of your eye or enhance your facial features.

You can also choose a design that is a combination of classic and trendy but makes sure it suits your face well. Decision-making becomes very difficult when you visit the diamond jewelry store to purchase yourself a diamond earring. There are so many designs available to try on. The best way to begin with the selection is by setting up a budget. Once you set the budget, the collection is reduced to half, and it becomes easier for you to select. If you have eyes for any particular design, then it becomes a completely different story altogether. Setting up a limit is very necessary when it comes to purchasing a diamond ornament.

You can’t go overboard with the purchase if you plan accordingly. This will make you happy from within. Then comes the style.

Do you want studs or hoops, danglers, or big-sized earrings? You can easily buy something small but look astonishing in it while making shopping for jewelry all the more fun.

Following the 4 Cs

In the diamond industry, 4 Cs are given too much importance. These 4 Cs are Color, Carat, Cut, and clarity. You can check the authenticity and purity of the stone by following these Cs. Apart from that, you need to take care of the weight range, carat, diamond form, grade of color, quality of cut, grade of clarity, and fluorescent. Make sure to get a certificate of authenticity and purity when you buy diamond jewelry.

If you need the right thing you need to visit the right seller. The same is the case with the diamond ornaments. If you want authentic stone, you need to visit the certified store. Don’t shy away from looking for labels when it comes to looking for great diamond jewelry.

If you are in a market you need to check which store has a variety of designer jewelry. Some may has a variety of designs, but the making charge will be very high, others where the making charges are low, but you won’t get many designs to choose from. So, all these things need consideration when it comes to getting the right ornament. Whatever you do ensure that the store is licensed.

Another thing to keep in mind while getting a stone is purity tags and a certificate of authenticity. In the excitement of getting good deals don’t forget to check the purity of the stone.

Things to remember while getting diamond jewelry online

Shopping is one of the best past-time. With online sites, it has become very easy to shop and spend money. The digital medium made stores accessible through the internet. You can now view more than 1500 varieties of items in a flick of the finger. Diamond is after all special. Whether you buy it from the store or online, they all matter the same.

Online retailers offer great discounts and prices, but they may not mean great deals. The online store jewelry is less compared to those in the store as they don’t have to pay for the brick-and-mortar stores. Let alone the overhead costs that come with the stores. The online store allows you to search for many varieties of diamond ornaments in one place, and you won’t have to feel shy about your budget. You won’t even have to travel to the store to get what you want.

If you want to buy diamond jewelry online, you should go for a brand name. Ensure that they are authentic dealers and have a safe and secure payment portal. Even if you go for a retailer, find an experienced jeweler who will provide insurance, delivery, quality goods, and has solid return policies.

Tips to maintain your diamond jewelry with ease

Diamonds are known to be the hardest substance found on the face of the earth. Still, if it is not properly cared for other substances may leave it looking shabby and scratched. If you are a daily wearer of diamond jewelry you need to take specific action to keep it clean and safe. This will ensure that your jewelry stays the same way for a long time.

Take out time in between your busy schedule and take care of your diamond. Washing can be done in many ways here, are a few ways to get things done correctly at home.

  • Warm a cup of water. Add a few drops of mild liquid soap or detergent. You can go for good handwash as well. After preparing the solution, put your diamond in it. Leave it for 30 minutes. You can use a soft-bristled brush to gently remove any dirt fixed in the earring. The best ones are baby toothbrushes that are quite soft-bristled. Using a cotton pad to pat and dry your earrings is the best idea.
  • You can wash your diamond ornament by placing it under a strong current of a faucet of water. Make sure you close or block the drain while doing so. A stone may leave its place and go down the drain. We don’t want that to happen right?
  • Never use a paper towel to dry your jewelry. It may be hard to believe, but it has more chances of scratching your stone. So, try and use a cotton pad to dry them off.
  • Avoid using soap with moisturizers. They get deposited giving it an extra coating of cream. This will not help your cleaning at all. Moreover, it will attract more dirt when you use it.
  • You can use window cleaner to get better results. It will give your earring that extra shine. One thing that you need to keep in mind while using window cleaner is to not soak your ornament for more than a minute. The harsh chemicals used in it can damage the stone irrevocably. So, when you are using a window cleaner to clean the stuff, you need to wash it with a solution of mild soap water. Later you need to clean it using warm water. This will ensure that all the chemicals present in your diamond engagement ring or earring are washed off.
  • A toothpick can be used to remove dirt set in between the stones and prongs. You need to be extra careful while doing so or you may crack the metal accidentally. Tweezers are used in case you want to remove any small threads or fibers that get stuck in between the settings. Don’t pull them strongly, or they may damage the setting.
  • Some of them also use Ionic solutions and cleaners to keep their diamonds sparkly and clean. If you have gemstones in your jewelry try not to use this method to clean your ornaments. It is so because the electric current can have a bad impact on the gemstones during this process. Also, make sure you don’t two or more diamond ornaments inside it. The stone may get scratched in the process.

First, don’t consider it a wasteful purchase. Buying diamonds are a worthy investment that could be used in the future as well. Buy a diamond earring today and later when you want to buy something later you can always exchange them. So, don’t wait anymore, simply buy beautiful diamond danglers or studs and show them off to your colleagues and relatives. See them turning green with jealousy and enjoy the victory dance with your new diamond hoops.