How to Buy Diamond Engagement Ring on a Budget?

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Congratulations on finding that perfect person in your life you have always dreamt of. You must be ready to propose her with of course with the most precious diamond ring. But, this is a big step and really needs some advance planning. 

Selecting a diamond engagement ring is not an easy task, especially when you have a low budget. And, you don’t want to miss making this precious moment a memorable one using any other engagement ring in stones or gems instead of a diamond engagement ring. Don’t worry, you will not! You can easily select an engagement ring in diamond for your beloved with these amazing tips: -


Know your budget and stick to it

You must know what your budget is. Also it’s really important to set your budget before you go shopping as it prevents you from overspending. You may not believe this, but once you are inside the diamond store or online diamond jewelry store, it’s easy to forget about your budget and buy something beyond your budget. 

If you don’t have much to spend and looking for something on a low budget then set your budget. Usually it’s suggested and to spend the equivalent of 3 months of your salary on your diamond wedding ring or engagement ring. And if you still didn’t get the idea how much you should spend then we will suggest you to spend what you can comfortable afford without making a hole in your pocket for a diamond ring. 

4cs diamond quality

Learn about the Basic 4C’s 

When you are planning to diamond jewelries then you must know about the 4C’s – Color, Carat, Cut and Clarity. This would help you in choosing the best quality diamond ring for wedding or engagement. And depending on these 4 C’s the price of a diamond ring can vary significantly. 


Buy a Certified Diamond 

If you are buying a diamond ring for the first time then you could make the same mistake as most of uneducated shoppers do. They buy an uncertified diamond jewelry or they purchase one that comes from a lab with a dubious reputation. There are many sellers who sell low quality diamonds at inflated prices. If the diamond is not graded by a reliable lab then you can be sure that the diamond has inflated grades and you should not buy it. 

Don’t Go with High Color Grade for White Looking Diamond 

It is true that people want to buy the best quality diamond, but as you are looking for an engagement ring in Diamond at lower price then you shouldn’t not expect to buy the best material qualities in diamond. Instead of going with high color grade diamonds you can go with colorless range from G-J. Choosing a D color diamond can cost at least 30% more than an H color diamond because of its rarity factor. And the best part is that the visual difference in these diamonds are very subtle and almost undetectable. 

Buy Lower Clarity Grades Diamond that are Eyeclean 

Most of the people or the first time diamond shoppers think that that diamond with higher clarity have better sparkle and brilliance, which is actually the function of cut quality and not clarity of diamonds.  

Buy Small Diamond 

As you know diamond prices are mainly determined by the 4C’s, carat weight is the factor that has the biggest impact on diamond jewelry prices. 1carat sized diamonds are very popular and there prices are higher due to high demand. But, if you are shopping for a diamond ring on a budget then you can buy just shy of the 1ct mark i.e. near 0.9ct. And this will help you to save up 30%. 

Buy diamond online 

Instead of buying diamonds locally in a store you should buy diamonds online if you are looking for engagement diamond ring on budget. If you are worried about the quality and carat weight while buying diamond ring online then you should only prefer a reliable diamond dealer that has massive collection to help you to pick the perfect diamond. You will enjoy 20-50% discounts when you buy it directly from online stores. 

Buy Lab-Grown Instead of Mined Diamonds 

There’s no difference in lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds. They are just same as the natural diamonds and has been gaining traction amongst buyers. Lab-created diamonds are also real diamonds and comes at lower prices than the natural ones. So, when you have low budget then you should go with synthetic diamonds instead of buying mined diamonds. 

Choose the Right Diamond Ring Setting Style 

Halo or pave setting style are best for those who are looking for the best engagement rings on a budget. 

Choose the Gold instead of Platinum 

Choosing the right metal when buying a diamond ring is important and also can lead to significant price differences. Platinum is the most used metal in diamond rings but this metal is actually very expensive and because of its denser weight and rarity. Hence, you should choose gold instead of platinum for your diamond engagement ring. 

So, with this we have come the end and I hope you found it helpful. But, no matter what type of engagement ring you choose, just make sure to plan a fanciful proposal. You can pick the place for proposal which is special to both of you and make sure you have plenty of time to plan for the proposal. And with the help of the above-mentioned tips for buying a diamond engagement ring on a budget select the best ring for your beloved.