Diamonds: The Birthstone For All April Born

The month of April has been named after the Greek Goddess of love Aphrodite. As most people associate April with spring, it is natural to find love in the air. Coupling love with the blooming season is what determines the April birthstone which is none other than diamond. A gemstone that can not only be used to express love and affection but also bring immense positive changes for people born in April.

Diamonds have grown to become one of the most popular stones to be used in different varieties and styles. You can easily find these stones in the jewelry shops, making you drool over some of the famous designs. All the April born, before going on to buy your birthstone, you may want to know more about the stone. Here are a few facts that will help you understand and buy the April birthstone diamond better.



This birthstone of April month is mostly colorless yet sparkling stones. Today you can find it in different colors as well. They are also available in different shades of color such as blue, green, yellow, pink, red, brown, black, and grey. It is due to the presence of other elements in the diamond carbon structure that gives them that particular color. Even a small trace of Boron can give a diamond blue shade. Whereas, it is nitrogen that gives diamond shades of black, brown, green, and yellow.


Diamonds are considered to be flawless gemstones. The sparkling feature of these stones depends upon the number of cuts it has. These stones can have inclusions and flaws as well when speckles and thread lines appear in the diamond. Stones with lesser flaws cost more.


After lots of action and reaction on carbon particles for years a diamond is formed. This gemstone can’t be counted as a rare stone but it is quite expensive which makes it a special product. In recent years the extensive mining of this gemstone has led to a decrease in mineral deposits. If you check in the market, the ones completely colorless are one of the rarest compounds. It is because they are free from any kinds of impurities or speckles.

Scale of hardness

Diamond is one of the hardest compounds on the face of the earth. Its hardness is calculated as 10 on the MOH scale. People born in April are lucky to have such an easily available stone. It is so famous in the market due to its extraordinary hardness factor.


These stones are mined extensively in countries such as Brazil, Australia, Africa, Russia, India, and the USA. Many laborers are put to work to extract diamonds in mines across the world.

Special qualities of the April birthstone

Not just today but from ancient times, diamonds have been standing as a symbol of purity. Many people see it as the epitome of love and eternity. It is said that the light emanated from the stone is the bonding in a relationship and brings clarity and love into the partnership between couples.

Among some of its specialties, diamond is known to amplify ones’ energy and stands as one stone that doesn’t require recharging or cleansing. Not just that, it is said to increase the energy of the things that come in contact with it. It is for the same reason that the usage of diamond for improving one's energy and aligning the chakras, special care must be taken. Diamond can easily become bad from the good in the nick of time, increasing ones’ negative energy instead. Diamonds are best in pinpointing the negative energy requiring a transformation. Wearing a diamond can fill you with fortitude, invincibility, and fearlessness that will help you tackle the negativity. Diamonds are also said to clear one’s mental trauma and emotional needs and provides them with courage in making a fresh start.

Did you know that diamonds are said to be effective in treating Glaucoma? Not only that but also clear sight, balance metabolism, and treat allergies. These stones also add an advantage to the brains’ functioning. ‘The bigger the stone the better’n not only talks about the monetary importance but also its ability to block electromagnetic stresses.

The whole process of acquiring this April birthstone


Nature is wonderful, coming up with different surprises now and then. One such surprise is diamond. With time it gained so much popularity that today, it is one of the most popular gemstones in the world. Some of us may have a hard time digesting that diamond is a kind of gemstone. And among all the stones and gemstones it is the most expensive and popular one. People wear it without knowing anything about it.

Formation of the diamonds is one of the mysteries of nature. Due to immense pressure on the carbon in graphite form, it crystallizes bringing diamond into form. All this action below 50 miles below the ground produces the hardest substance in the World. Being insensitive to chemicals, and forming uniform yet strong chemical bonds make it so strong.

Mining and distribution

When it was found in 4 BC to now, in the 21st century it has seen a lot of changes. To stop unethical diamond mining, around 80% of the production and trade is controlled and managed by the “Central Selling Organization”, and “The Diamond Producers Association”. The organizations have many divisions across the world where they follow a protocol to assess and conditions in which this April birthstone is mined.

This April birthstone, being quite popular but only 20% of the mined diamonds are used for jewelry purposes. The rest of them are used in different industries for milling, grinding, and cutting other materials. Some of them are also used to gauge the hardness of other substances in scientific research.

Cutting and Grading

Diamonds are graded and cut following the 4Cs which are Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight. The cuts in the diamond determine its sparkling to show its best qualities in full brilliance. It’s the cuts that determine the light passing through the sides to reflect as much light as possible. with 58 facets, 25 on the pavilion and 33 on the crown, Brilliant cut is the one most in demand. It is very hard to cut stones in this way as most of them have fault lines or inclusions.

It takes hours for the cutters to assess the stones. Laborious study and testing of the diamond under the microscope reveal the best way in which a diamond needs to be cut. It takes time for the cutter to make the first cut depending upon the natural attributes of the stone. the diamonds may not be rare but it is rare to find a stone of high quality that can be cut and designed into a beautiful piece.

Buying April Birthstones

You can buy April birthstones from any trusted jewelry store. Today you can also buy diamond jewelry online and gift it to an April born in any part of the world. While purchasing the stone you need to bear a few points in your mind.

  • Diamonds must be bought from a trusted brand.
  • You need to check for the certificate or any authentic documentation before buying April birthstone online or from stores.
  • Check for offers and discounts
  • Make sure to check all the details regarding the carat weight, cut, color, and clarity of the stone before choosing anyone.

You can easily get some of the best diamond jewelry for gifting your loved one born in April and it will grow significantly.