February Birthstone Amethyst Buying Guide and Gift Ideas

Were you born in February and want to know about February birthstone?

Well, you are in luck because we are sharing the complete buying guide for February birthstone Amethyst and also the gift ideas you can choose for any of your February babies.

What is the birthstone for February?

Both modern and traditional birthstone for February month is Amethyst. It is the crystalline quartz that ranges in different hues from pale lilac to reddish-purple.

Measuring 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Amethyst is quite a durable gem. This means it’s not only a sparkling beautiful gemstone but also very scratch resistant. It is a fine gem for any type of jewelry.

Meaning of Amethyst: February Birthstone

It is a purple form of quartz and unique among all crystals of its popularity as well as affordability.

Amethyst is a gorgeous semi-precious stone, which has an array of pinkish-hue to dark purple colors. With its variations of hues, this gorgeous gemstone sometimes displays undertones like red to bluish hues, which may be similar to iolite.

From the ancient Roman days to the present day, February gemstone has been worn for its beautiful purple color. Traditionally it was worn for drunkenness, but today it is believed that it is very much beneficial for both body and mind.

One of the common crystals but highly valued in the quartz group, here are the facts of Amethyst.


This semi-precious stone belongs to the crystal family that comes in a purple variety. However, this stone has a spectrum of colors and ranges from pinkish lilac to deep violet. Sometimes it also comes with a hint of red.


This February gemstone is a dichroic crystal that can show different colors when viewed from different angles.

Mohs hardness scale

It rate 7 on the Mohs scale or hardness, which means it is quite a durable gem perfect for daily wear like earrings and pendants.


Britain, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Siberia, East Africa, and India.


  • Known as the official gemstone of February, Amethyst is also for Aquarians. It means it is suitable for the zodiac signs – Aquarius and also Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo, and Sagittarius.
  • It is affordable to choose as a sixth-anniversary gift.
  • The darker or deeper the purple-color of the amethyst is, the higher the price will be.


Praised by its beauty and appearance, the Amethyst February gemstone is associated with gods and goddesses. The early Greeks used to think that this resembled wine, so they associated it with the god of wine, Bacchus. This gemstone got its name from the Greek word ‘Amethystos’ which refers to intoxicate.

The Greeks used to believe that Amethyst had the power to prevent getting drunk.

It was used in royal crowns and religious jewelry and was appreciated just like the precious gemstones Ruby and Sapphire.

Not, only this February gemstone was very famous, but well-loved, and became one of the most sought-after gemstones worn by the people in the high class of society.

Highly valued of all the quartz family, and since the 19th century, it is popular in jewelry making. It is well-known as a sobriety stone by the ancients when they used to wear it to guard against drunkenness. This aids in getting rid of addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. Amethyst's name is originated from Greeks and is thought to mean “not drunken”.


This stunning and gorgeous gemstone has been used throughout the ages as a calming stone. Not only it’s the most popular and valued stones in its crystal family, but also the most powerful of the healing stones. This gives natural tranquilizing energy to the wearer. As this is the February birthstone, this promotes love and serenity, because this is a natural calmer that can aid in reducing stress and keeping away the negative energies. This semi-precious stone is extremely beneficial to the mind as well as the physical health of the wearer. It is said that amethyst helps you feel less scattered, more focused, and control your faculties.


February birthstone Amethyst is also known for its healing properties. The Greeks and ancient Romans believed that amethyst had healthy powers that helped the wearer ward-off evil powers and keep his mind clearer and sharp. Not only this but also this gemstone has the power to reduce anxiety and stress. It means this gemstone has the natural benefits that all the wears can benefit from all these natural healing properties.

Attributes of the February Birthstone

  • Very scratch-resistant and perfect for daily wear and use
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Brings peace, strength, and stability
  • Restores the body’s energy and resist diseases with its soothing presence

In conclusion, this gemstone can aid with both mental and physical ailments. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety and, this way your mind and body will work more optimally.

So, now when you know the real benefits, meaning, history, and attributes of February birthstone Amethyst then here’s a complete buying guide for amethyst and gift ideas for February born people.

Tips to Buy Amethyst Jewelry

Because of its beautiful and stunning vibrant purple color, Amethyst jewelry is very popular as gifts. In fact, amethyst is a traditional sixth-anniversary gift. This purple hue gemstone makes a stunning addition to any outfit. Some also buy this for gifting purposes and as an engagement ring.

If you are also planning to buy an amethyst gemstone engagement ring or just want to gift amethyst to your February born buddy then below are the tips that will help you to buy the best amethyst jewelry.

Best Cut

Gemstone cutting is done to give a specific shape to the rough and natural stones to emerge the true color and brilliance of the gemstone. When the February birthstone is cut you will have to pay attention to the color intensity of the gemstone.

Best Color

This beautiful gemstone comes in the range of pinkish to deep saturated purple colors. So, when purchasing amethyst gemstone jewelry, pay close attention to the different color variations. This is an important quality to look for in an amethyst because the intensity of its color determines the price of the gemstone.

The more deep and intense the color of amethyst is, the higher the price will be than the lighter gemstones. Well, this gemstone comes primarily in deep purple color, but you will also notice hints of red, pink, and blue which are considered as the stone’s secondary shades. The price of the gemstone will be based on the shade of the stone. So, you will have to see which color variation you like the best and also that best fits within your budget.

If you are buying it from online gemstone stores or shopping sites then get a closer photo of the gemstone to get a more accurate depiction of what’s the gemstone's real color is. Well, experts suggest buying it offline from a store so that you can view it in natural light to know the real hue of the gemstone. Also, look at the stone carefully to watch for any imperfections inside or on the surface of the stone. The main aim is to find an eye-clean amethyst without any blemishes.

Best Setting

Gemstone settings not only hold the center stone securely, but also enhances the brilliance of its cut, clarity, and color. So, choosing the right or the best setting for amethyst comes down to your personal choice and lifestyle. The settings range from traditional to new modern styles. You will have to go through several setting designs before making any decision.

Though the February birthstone is durable enough for daily use, yet you need to think about when you will be wearing the jewelry to decide on the setting. If it’s for daily use then you may want a more secure setting like a bezel. If you will wear it occasionally then you can consider the setting with more flair.

Best Metal

You might have seen people buy diamond rings or jewelry with 18K gold that’s because the 18K gold makes it affordable and durable as well. So, you can choose 14k gold because it’s long-lasting, durable, and much more affordable than 18k gold. You can either yellow, gold, rose gold, or white gold in 14k gold. But, 18K gold is a better option than sterling silver. And platinum is also a good option for metal. This will be more expensive and also looks similar to white gold.

Amethyst Engagement Rings

As amethysts are really durable and perfect for daily wear, this is the perfect choice for engagement rings due to their durability and beauty. This is a stunning and colorful alternative for diamond engagement rings and an ideal engagement ring or a thoughtful gift idea for those born in February.

Gift Ideas

Amethyst is a stunning and beautiful gemstone and is pretty much affordable. It comes in a range of pinkish lilac hues to deep saturated purple colors, which makes them perfect for stunning jewelry. Just pick the one that matches the style and choice of your loved ones, especially if they are born in February, and give a pleasant surprise.

There are several shopping sites and online stores, where you can get stunning amethyst rings, amethyst bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants.


There’s nothing wrong with amethysts as its beautiful and amazing color of purple stands strongly on its own. Perfect for an engagement ring as well as a thoughtful gift idea especially for February babies.