Guide to Design Custom Engagement Ring with Ease

Getting ready to propose your love? Selecting the perfect one for your loved one can feel like a daunting task. You may visit numerous sites, many stores but to get something special, you need to think of building a custom engagement ring. If you know about the major styles taking the market by wind you may be able to find the perfect ring for the engagement. You may need something that will make your ring simple yet quite appealing.

It is not easy to choose and buy a diamond ring for engagement let alone customize it. If you follow simple steps and style mantras you can find that one ring that will reflect the inner aura of the person for whom you are planning to buy the ring. From the ring setting to the texture of the band, every single detail has a deep meaning attached to it.

Here, is a list of few pointers that can help you get started on how to go about building a custom ring for your love.

Go for perfect ring setting

When you have decided to get a diamond ring custom made then it’s better to start with its’ setting. Pick some of the categories that suits your partner’s style. Once you find the perfect setting, it will get easier to work it out. The various types of ring settings are as follows.


A large diamond in the center encircled by the small accent of stones, also known as pave’ diamonds. It’s eye-catching and more lavish.


Handcrafted to the last detail, these diamond rings’ designs are inspired by the heirloom rings. These old diamonds relate to some deep history.

The gallery collection

If you are not getting the idea on how to go about custom designing the ring, then you can always take the help of gallery collections. They help a lot. Each brand can bring something special to the ring. Just go for it.


It is the best of all and what most women look for. An elegant simple design with big center stone. It is the best setting to highlight your choice of diamond.

Choose fancy shapes for your diamond to spike your ring’s personality

If you are planning to buy engagement diamond rings online, then you must look for exquisite stone shapes. You can get variety of brands to choose from through online stores. Diamonds are shaped beautifully, and you can choose from different shapes not just the classic round ones. Even if your setting is same, you could try different shapes and that will change the look of your ring completely. The shape of the stone also influences the price of the ring greatly. Lets’ see what the different shapes of the diamond are and how they can change the face of your ring.


Basically, pear shaped diamonds are used to give an heirloom feeling to the ring. This also adds a custom look to your ring.


They are the classic shape of the diamond ring. Having a round-shaped stone in a rose-gold setting with pave set diamond can simply win over anyone.


A choice made by most celebrities recently, this shape of diamond is simply known for its glamour.


This may be slightly different from those round-shaped stones, but this shape also makes a classic statement.

Think about your partners’ lifestyles and personality before you make the pick

If you are having difficulty in understanding which way to proceed, then its best to go according to your partner’s personality. The lifestyle that interests your partner can be your best clue. Buying a ring according to your love’s personality can never go wrong. Some of the types based on ones’ personality can be as follows:


A person who is romantic at heart, would like something vintage that relates a story. For them, you can choose a rose gold ornaments that is handcrafted. The minute details on the ring may interest them the most.


A simple yet highly-detailed solitaire can swipe people right off the ground. A person who like classic diamond will surely go for it. Make sure the center stone and the band complement each other to stand out.


Most people go for modern jewellery art. Demand for modern jewellery has gone up the bar and the demand has risen. You can choose an emerald-shaped stone. They are more adventurous and proudly reflects the inner self of the person. This is what makes this kind of diamond engagement ring so appealing.

Look for ring band combos matching set

Now a day it is very popular with the couple to buy matching set of diamond engagement rings. If you are one of those who likes ring-band combo that depicts sharing of harmonious sensibilities, then you need to go for perfect match set. A matching set makes a daring statement and looks elegant, but a lot more goes into selecting a matching look.

Side stone match

In this combo, the diamonds of the band give cue to the side stones in the ring.

Perfect match

The ring and the band match each other stylishly and sit together perfectly. They complement each other well and make quite a statement.

Center stone match

If you are in love with the center stone, then you can opt for matching shape of diamonds for the band. This could be your signature style.

Follow “Mix and match”

When you can mix and match your dresses then why not the stones on your ring. Try to use contrast in the colors and textures to upgrade your style quotient. These are small ways to show your personal style. There are a few ways to mix up and match it to make a statement.

Mixed metals

Try mixing up different metal colors that complement each other well to make beautiful ring. You can find a combo of rose and yellow gold or go with white gold and platinum. These combos look great and express your adventurous side to the viewer.

Gemstone accents

Mix up gemstones with the diamond to make a unique ring. The pops of bright colors brings life into the ring. When you try mixing and matching of different gemstones with the diamond make sure the shapes of each stone complements each other. You can try ruby and diamond, emerald, or even sapphires.

Contrasting textures

Texture on the ring determines the shape of stone and how the metal holds it. One can go for millegraining and high polish or even go for satin or matte finish. Like for instance you can use micro pave diamonds on the knife edged band that will contrast beautifully with the smooth shining finish of the metal used for engagement ring.

Little details can go a long way to make it special

Minute details bring great changes to a simple ring. By adding small details, the ring can be transformed into a modern art. There are different styles that could notch up your style quotient.

If you want a petite fancy diamond, you can create a dot-dash effect. To do so, you need to mix up variety of shapes of diamond stone. This has remarkable finishing effect on the ring.

If you are going for signature Halo, you can add a pop of rose gold to accentuate the floral brilliance brought together by the stones. For the side profile details, those intricate designs on the side can give a surprising twist to the solitaire you are preparing to buy.

Do something unexpected

For your engagement it’s not important to look at what others follow. Just go with what makes you fall in love with. Whatever you choose will only go on to relate your love in wordless manner. Now a day people try different sets that are not just unique but also out of the box. From eternity rings to mixing and matching engagement bands are set to raise the bar.

You can simply add endless sparkle with the eternity band as they have sparkle around the band. If you are looking for something out of the mixed stack, you can always go for mixed styles that make delicate signatures.

Another beautiful option is pairing diamonds with the gemstones. No matter what you are celebrating, you can try the mix up of variety of gemstones with the diamond. A bold blue sapphire with small diamonds winking at you can be one of the most beautiful things you have laid your eyes on. Just find what appeals to you most and simply go with it.

Final Say

Having an engagement ring is one of the most beautiful feeling. One wears it with pride forever. Getting a custom-built engagement ring makes it one of a kind and that feeling is something out of the world. Whether it is an eternity band or a solitaire, it has specific meaning to it. After all it is diamond, an expression one of its kind.