How To Choose The Perfect Diamond Ring For Your Big Day?

If your big day approaching soon? Want to make your partner shine and sparkle? If yes then here is the time to get him/her a perfect diamond ring. Choosing a diamond ring is no doubt, a tricky task because neither you are sure of your partner’s choice nor you have the right knowledge to choose the best diamond. Thus, to lessen your worries and to enable you to pick the best, here we are with this blog. This blog discusses some of the factors that must be kept in mind before heading towards buying a diamond engagement ring for your partner.

Tips to choose the perfect engagement diamond ring for your partner

Consider budget

If you think that with a higher price of a diamond ring, her likelihood of saying “Yes” will also be higher, then you are certainly wrong. It’s all about emotions and you should pick up the ring that suits your budget. No, you don’t have to spend your 3 month salary on buying an engagement ring for your partner instead, consider your financial situation and decide how much you can spend in total. Once you have decided on the budget, you can then go on buying the ring.

Look for full cut

You may get different types of diamond shapes varying from pear, oval, round, princess, cushion and others. According to the gemologists, diamonds are available in different qualities such as good, fair and very good cuts. It is known that better the cut of a diamond, better is the shine of it. You should know that single cut diamonds have up to 18 facets while a full cut has up to 60. So you see that full cut diamonds have a much brighter shine.

Less focus on diamond carat

Many people put emphasis on the carat of the diamond but it does not mean that higher carat will ensure higher carat. Carat is basically the weight of the diamond and usually, the diamond ring for men and women weighs somewhere around 0.2 to 01 carat and higher. You should not only focus on the diamond carat but you should consider the quality of it.

Look for clarity

A diamond that has minimum birthmarks has the better clarity. When it comes to the clarity, the scale ranges from VS, VVS, Internally Flawless and Flawless etc. Out of all, VS clarity is considered the finest, as it has hardly any birthmarks and you should prefer buying this quality. However, the diamonds with I and SI clarity must be avoided when you are out to buy diamond jewelry.

Go colorless

This is one of those interesting factors that you must pay heed to. Many people think that colored diamonds are expensive but in real, they are not. Yes, the colored ones are priced lower than the colorless diamonds. You should know that colorless diamonds are the best quality diamonds and are more expensive. The color scale includes colorless, near colorless, DEF and this goes up to Z.While talking about the sweet spot then you can go with G or H diamond color, as it not only looks fantastic but will get you good returns in the future as well.

Finding A Trustworthy Jeweler

It is inevitable to choose a jeweler that you can completely trust. When you choose a reliable and reputed jeweler, you can be worry-free of being trapped into any marketing tricks. The team of that company will guide you with the best diamonds available and will even make you aware of the different qualities of diamonds and ways to select the right quality. They will extend their absolute support and will help you choose the best diamond engagement rings keeping in mind your budget and requirement.

To choose that one trustworthy jeweler, you can explore the internet for the same. The basis of selecting the company should be the reputation of the company, customer testimonials, past records, variety of diamond jewelry available and the prices. The prices should be in accordance with the market standard, which means that any jeweler that offers the jewelry at a higher price than the set standard is only a fraud. To ensure this, reading the testimonials of the customers who have availed the engagement ring for men from that company will help you get the clear idea of the services and prices of it. If the reviews are good then you should approach that company with no doubt. However, if you find any negative reviews about that particular jeweler you are planning to hire then you should avoid reaching it.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the most beautiful engagement ring with diamonds for your love and start a new romantic journey of your life. We are here to make you shine and sparkle better!