How to pair your engagement ring with your wedding band

How to pair your engagement ring with your wedding band

Engagement and wedding rings have been worn to express a couple's mutual love and commitment for hundreds of years. Rich in sentiment and symbolizing your promise to one another, your engagement and wedding rings should sit harmoniously together. Use the guide below to help ensure that you find your perfect pair of rings.

Engagement ring pairing

Finding the perfect engagement ring can often take precedence over the choice of wedding band. Since an engagement ring will typically only be worn alone for a few months, however, it’s a good idea to consider the style of band you or your partner will want at the same time as you purchase the diamond engagement ring. You may even decide to buy both rings at the same time, as a pair. 

Whether you want a wedding band that contrasts with the engagement ring, or you wish to maintain a unified aesthetic, there are a few things to consider when selecting the perfect band. These include the thickness of the band, the type of metal, and also the setting. Most importantly, you will want to choose a style that uniquely reflects your partner’s individuality. 

Pairing a solitaire engagement ring

A classic solitaire engagement ring is one of the most versatile styles to match and will sit beautifully with a plain band, or – should you choose to add extra sparkle – with a pavé diamond band. 

As solitaire rings often sit on a slender cross-section, you may wish to consider a tapered wedding band, where the band becomes thinner in the center, in order for the rings to sit flush and create a beautiful ring pairing. 

Pairing a bezel engagement ring

Given the modern classic style of the Bezel engagement ring, opt to pair it with a sleek and minimal wedding band. If you’d like to make it extra special choose to have it set with more bezel set diamonds. 

For the band to sit flush, choose a shadow band that contours your engagement ring. For a perfectly coordinated pairing, choose a wedding band that matches both the metal and thickness of the engagement ring.

Pairing halo engagement rings

Delicate and feminine halo engagement rings make their own unique statement. If you don’t want to distract from the beauty of your engagement ring, opt for a simple wedding band. However, you can add a further touch of glamour by pairing it with a pavé diamond wedding band.

The diamonds in a halo engagement ring often sit slightly higher, so for your rings to fit, choose a thin wedding band. 

Pairing tension set engagement rings

As one of the more unusual and bolder styles, the modern design of tension engagement rings showcases a diamond which usually sits in a high, or tampered, mounting. This contemporary setting will pair perfectly with a feminine twisted wedding band.

Pairing vintage engagement rings

Whether it’s from the 1920s or 30s, Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco era, there is something inherently magical about a vintage-style engagement ring.

Be daring – and stay true to the ‘something old, something new’ tradition – by pairing a vintage-style engagement ring with a modern wedding ring to create a combination that honors both their classical and contemporary shapes. Alternatively, maintain the inherent beauty of the vintage-style engagement ring by pairing it with a thin or braided wedding band.

Mixing wedding ring metals

There are no set guidelines to matching your rings’ metals, and mixing metals is a modern, fashion forward alternative to traditional ring pairing, so feel free to be as inventive as you wish.  

Two-toned combinations can be both elegant and daring. For example, mixing white gold or platinum with a warmer tone metal such as rose gold will create a lovely romantic effect. If you prefer to make a more subtle statement, try layering white and yellow gold.  

Remember that white gold is a precious metal that is plated with rhodium. If you’re considering pairing a platinum engagement ring with a white gold wedding band, the band may require more maintenance to preserve its color. Read more on the differences between metals in our Diamond Engagement Ring Guide.

Pairing couples wedding rings

Purchasing matching wedding rings as a couple is an inherently special and romantic gesture. No wonder it has become a modern tradition! Together, you are discovering the rings that will symbolise your enduring promise and will remain with you both Forever.

Ring engraving

Ring engraving is a wonderfully effective way to pair your wedding rings and express your lasting love. As those special words encircle your finger, they add another romantic dimension to your wedding bands. Single lined text engraving can include your names, special dates and initials. For more detailed inscriptions that contain lengthy texts, such as a quote, you will need to ensure that the inner rim is wide enough to accommodate them. This is something that your nearest Authorized Forevermark Jeweler should be able to help you with. 

Pairing Forever

There are many wonderful ways to match your wedding ring with your engagement ring. The key is to create a pairing that reflects you, or your partner’s, personality and style. Of course, if you decide that your engagement ring sits beautifully on its own, you can also place your wedding band on your right hand. 

Regardless of what engagement ring or wedding band you choose, it’s the meaning of the rings that matters the most. Individually, we have our own stories; your engagement and wedding rings express your story united as a couple. They are a tangible reminder of the special moments, occasions and emotions you’ve experienced together. With no beginning or end, your engagement and wedding rings are a unique reflection of you and your partner as soulmates, and a symbol of your eternity together, now and Forever.