Rose Gold Diamond Jewelry: A Color To Go With Your Diamonds

We all want to be at the top of the fashion chain. If you are one of those, then you would know how famous those rose gold diamond pieces of jewelry are for breaking the trend. Jewelry is something that women like to experiment with. Especially if they are lovely diamonds. Whether it is a wedding anniversary, or birthday, wedding, or annual function, these special occasions are commemorated by getting a piece of diamond jewelry no matter how big or small.

Women chose jewelry according to their taste and style. When a new product gets launched in the market, it never misses the sight of ladies. Rose gold is one such metal that is catching the sight of ladies all across the globe.


This metal is supposed to be more economical than white or yellow gold and diamonds look great on them. You can find a variety of intricate designs as it is a robust variant of gold. If you are planning to get yourself rose gold diamond jewelry, then here is all that you need to know. Let’s start with the basics.

How to tell if it is real?

Several stores have come up that give you a guarantee of the products they sell. Not all of them need to be selling an authentic product. If you are not alert about this, you may come to know about this the hard way. Authentic jewelry will always have a mark of authenticity on its body. With it, the Karat weight will be mentioned as well.

Rose gold is a metal alloy, and you can’t get 24K of rose gold anywhere. If you are being shown such diamond rose gold jewelry, then it is hundred percent fake. While examining the ornament if you come across deep pink coloring, it is mainly because of a higher concentration of copper mixed with the gold. So, it is better to keep in mind that the more the karat weight lower will be the content of copper in the alloy and so lighter pink hue for the metal. While checking, don’t forget to examine the karat and make sure if the ornament is 18K the color should be lighter. If you come across such a piece of jewelry with a deep pink tone, then you are most probably dealing with a fake.

Is rose gold diamond jewelry cheaper than the yellow gold ones?

Among the most misunderstood stuff about rose gold is its price. To form a solid setting for the stone such as diamond it needs to have strong metals. To provide durability and strength to the metal gold is often mixed with various metals such as zinc, silver, nickel, and copper. While creating rose gold metal a small percentage of copper is added to make a solid alloy. It is this copper from where gold gets it a pinkish hue. Therefore, there is no difference in the rate of rose gold from that of yellow gold diamond jewelry.

Whether it is 18k or 14k both rose and yellow gold will contain the same amount of gold. For instance, 14k rose and yellow gold approx. 58.5% of pure gold is mixed with copper. The more the percentage of copper mixed with the gold, the tougher it will get. It is for this reason the diamond jewelry is made of 18k or 14k gold. As pure gold can easily bend and is non-resistant to scratches, it is not used in its pure form. Especially for diamond jewelry.

Types of rose gold diamond jewelry that are trending in the market

Rose gold ornaments are quite popular and are always in trend thanks to stylish people who like to mix and match. Here are a few options that you can try on hands-on.

Smart chic statement ring

Want to get a simple ring as an addition to your list of accessories? A ring that will bring out your smart as well chic side of your personality? Rose gold diamond rings will never go out of fashion. If you already have yellow gold, then why not try out something new yet bold. Girls like to have a variety of rings that complements different occasions, and a rose gold diamond ring will keep you on the top of the fashion hierarchy.

Rose gold diamond engagement rings

No need to be surprised when you hear that Lauren Conrad and Blake Lively don a rose gold diamond engagement ring. It is not hard to see why when you keenly observe the flattering, feminine hue that is inspired by a vintage style. You’ll find several celebrities keeping this trend alive by presenting their lady love with a rose gold engagement ring with a big diamond as the center of attraction. These will never go out of style and will most probably appeal more to the feminist side of your lady love.

Diamond earrings

How lovely those sparkling stones make your ears stand out on your face. You can’t miss the sparkle no matter where you go. Wear your dress, keep your make-up simple and just put on the diamond earrings you will be a hit. You can opt to buy a rose gold hoop or studs with leaf designs and your workplace with being buzzing with the story of your beautiful earrings. Whether you match it with a casual dress or a suit, it will work well with all of them.

Rose gold diamond bracelets

Ladies can never get tired of adding one accessory after another to their jewelry box. Diamond bracelets are one such ornament that they cannot think without. With rose gold in the background of different sizes of diamond fixed across the band, the view is simply mesmerizing. You can also experiment with other gemstones or birthstones as well.

This will go with all types of dress and will complement the beauty of your wrists like none other metal does.

Starburst Charm necklace

When it comes to attracting people’s attention to their slender necks, we often look for the latest necklaces. Based on your skin tone go for the latest rose gold diamond necklace which will stand out in the crowd. The famous stardust charm necklace is the new design in which the sun in the center of the chain is studded with diamonds and gemstones.

If you are worried that it will go with your dress or not, then you must know that diamonds never go out of fashion. No matter what you wear or which event you are attending this piece will give help you attract too much attention. It can be a meaningful gift to your lady's love and make her cherish this piece her whole life. If you want to buy it for yourself, then go ahead and present this necklace to yourself.

How to choose the tone of the jewelry?

Most people have a long list of requirements when they go off to buy jewelry.

Will it come under the budget? Will it suit the face structure?

How will it look with other dresses?

How many of you think about the tone of the jewelry matching your skin color? The answer won’t comprise even 20% of the population. You may buy a ruby and diamond engagement ring just because it is the latest trend and the shopkeeper prefers it. You may buy a rose gold diamond jewelry just because your favorite celebrity was seen posing in it. If you feel good about it, then go ahead.

Sometimes we look at an ornament and fall in love with it but later, on trying you may not feel the same. This may stop you from wearing the jewelry and leave it in a box untouched.

Your skin is the contrast background on which the jewelry rests. If your skin tone doesn’t complement the ornament or the color of the stone, then you may get disappointed with the result. This is one of the reasons why some jewelry may not look good on you. Recognizing the skin tone will help you choose the right kind of metal that could go with it. As some of the metals look best with a certain skin tone, you need to finalize this before you visit the store.

People with cool skin tones should go for metals such as platinum, silver, and white gold. Whereas, warm skin tones complement metals such as rose or yellow gold, brass, and copper jewelry. For neutral skin color, you could have the best of both worlds.

The same can be said about birthstones and gemstones. Frosty shades of pink, lavender, and ice blue look amazing on people with cool skin tones. They can also try emeralds, deep purple, and bright blues. For people with warm skin tone, they can couple the rose gold metal with bright rosy red stones, super-pale yellows, and ruby stones. Neutral skin tones complement bright white, navy, and rock-cool grey stones.