Tips To Select the Best Diamond Engagement Ring for Your Loved One

Are you proposing? Are you still thinking how to do that? You may want a little help to finalize the special gift that you are planning to put together. Especially the diamond ring to propose for engagement. Here, is what you might want to know about selecting the diamond ring of your dreams.

How to buy a diamond engagement ring to impress your better half?

Today couples believe in matching things up to show their compatibility. The Same can be said about the engagement rings. Rings that would match perfectly. It is not necessary that all bride or engaged couples share the same thought. Its more about elegance, style, and personality of the person. You need to do a little homework to understand the taste of your better half if you want to surprise her with a ring.

Focus on the bride

If you are getting a Diamond engagement ring for your love, then make it all about her. She is very special for whom you finally decided to get the ring. So, think of a ring that will be equally special for her. To do that you’ll have to take out some time to observe her tastes in designs and personality.

Check if she is more of a trouser and t-shirt person with tweed coats, slacks, and standard skirts or vintage skirts and gothic looks. If you want to get a ring that matches her style, then you’ll have to think if she emphasizes on her feminine side more with delicate sandals and ruffled blouses or goes for a retro style. These style quotients will give you an idea as to what kind of ring your lady love will like. After all she is supposed to be the answer to all your questions.

If you know your girls’ style you will have part idea as to which ring to choose. ‘The one’ that can be worn everyday yet whenever she looks at it, it will make her feel special.

Popular styles that one can opt for

We get it, you don’t have much idea about the styles and setting leave alone the popular styles trending the market. While you can get ready to select one for the lady love you need to keep your mind clear on three things:

  1. The personality of the person who is going to wear it. Like for instance for a person who likes it elegant would go for a brilliant diamond with custom-made solitaire setting. Whereas, for the person having a taste in sparkling things would like a pave setting with a row of diamonds.
  2. The engagement ring should complement the wedding band so, make sure you pay extra attention to the style and metal of the ring. They should sit perfectly together. You can also go for matching ring set.
  3. Consideration for the width of the ring to give space to the wedding ring as well. If your love has small hands, a narrowband will make a good impression whereas, if she is long fingered a wider banded engagement ring will be the best option.

Some settings to choose from are:

  • Bezel

A fine metal frame encases the outer edge of the stone providing enhanced durability makes bezel setting one of the most sought-after designs. Gold or platinum metal can be used for preparing one. It will give the stone a larger look. The setting is simple and quite versatile. It can be used to accommodate any shape of stone.

  • Prongs

Prong setting is known as a traditional technique that minimizes the need for metal while exposing the diamond to its maximum limit. When there is less metal the setting allows more light to pass through the stone giving it an extra brilliance making it more beautiful.

  • Twist

Twist is a modern touch to the old diamond settings. It is very popular among younger generation couples. This setting is all about the band of the ring twisted to create a crisscross effect. An intricate band that has elegant stones gives a delicate outlook. It is in great demand and most couples place order for the ring with this setting.

  • Tension

It is the modern and beautiful setting variety where a stone is placed into a small grove. Precious metals are used to prepare the mountings that are hardened to provide excellent grip to the stone. This setting provides durability and security to the ring.

Think out of the box

Most people think of pre-made or freshly mined diamonds stand out of the crowd. You can consider using custom-made or recycled diamond as an option as well. These diamonds will also look original ring with great designs. Recycled diamonds are best as they are eco-friendly and have been put back into the supply chain of the diamonds. European cuts or modern stones fall in this category. Customized setting that include James Allen and Gavin Diamonds can be bought in different diamond jewelry stores.

You can also opt for a gemstone or colored diamond in your ring. Personalized rings can be decorated using the variety of stones. Use a yellow diamond or a sapphire halo arrangement for the engagement ring. These are easily available in the online diamond jewelry stores.

Some consider diamond to be overrated….

People and reports will tell you that diamonds are not in the trend now. This may make you think if the diamonds are really overrated.

Diamonds have always stood as the symbol of prosperity, influence, and high status for time immemorial. As it was a rare discovery, and it required a lot of work to refine it hence, making it popular among people. This increased its worth.

If you want to express your commitment and eternal love to your lady love nothing can stand a chance against diamond. Its longevity and geological past give it a symbolic significance. The qualities of the stone such as power, purity, transparency, uniqueness, and sparkle reflect the emotional significance making it as the ultimate choice for the engagement.

Why is diamond so popular?

Its resilience makes diamond so special. The physical features and its unusual compound combination let it stand out in the crowd. If you really want to create an impression on your love, gifting a diamond engagement ring will be the final answer. As it is of great market value the emotional value increases significantly.

So, if you are planning to put together a surprise for your better half, you may want to start searching for the best diamond engagement ring that reflects her inner beauty.