Trending diamond jewelry designs to gift on this Mother’s Day

It's again that date of the year. A special day when you can show your undying love and devotion towards your mom. While looking for the gift, things may seem difficult as to what to present to your mother who has it all. Still, you need to find a gift that will be perfect in showcasing your care and love for her and appreciate her hard work in bringing you up.

Whether it is your mother, grandmother, or your favorite aunt, diamonds become the best gift for you to present as a timeless gift. You don’t have to buy a grand one, a simple ring will also do. After all, a diamond is a precious stone that can say a thousand words with just one gesture. This Mother's Day you can expect some of the best designs and deals in the diamond jewelry store and online platforms. You can select some of them according to the personality of your mother. Here is how you can select the diamond jewelry for mothers based on their personality.

Types of diamond jewelry based on mother’s personality

Perfect yet practical new moms

New moms have to be very careful about handling their small babies. A sharp edge and the baby could get hurt. So, new moms keep it simple by wearing small, everyday-wearing designs that can comfortably be worn without getting in the way. You can easily buy some lean and simple designs that go with all kinds of looks. Anything that dangles or has tiny stones should be kept in the locker. Another advantage is that they don’t cost much.


It is tough to be a mom. Especially if you have two grown-up kids. School, homework, snacks, practice, dinner, and whatnot are handled by these superwomen. The only dilemma they face is the time crunch. These moms don’t have too much time in their hands to select what to wear and what to leave behind. They deserve a style that would go with every type of dress code. Whether it is to attend parent-teacher meetings, or go shopping, a design that should match all types of dresses. For them, personalized or family jewelry will do. Something that will speak a lot about their personality.

Seasoned mothers

Kids are older and now moms have time in their hands to deliberate on the dress and the matching set of jewelry that will go with it. They are more prone to dinner parties and can take out some time for themselves. These moms can definitely handle higher-priced jewelry that compliments their party looks. You’ll have a lot of options to spend your money on for something expensive.


Our favorite family members, our grandmothers are the wisest of them all and hold a special place in our hearts. A more classic and timeless piece will hold their interest. A piece that they can happily pass down to their kids. This Mother's Day you can go for heirloom pieces to gift your grandmothers. If she already has a wide collection of ornaments you can give her something to store and keep her diamond jewelry clean and sparkly.

The Latest trends in diamond jewelry on this Mother's Day

You have specific details in your mind as to what type of jewelry to buy for this Mother's Day. You can check out some of the latest designs and trends in diamond jewelry that will help you buy a particular style. Check out some of them below.

Nizam jewelry designs

Nizam jewelry has always been in style and appeals to a large crowd of women. Who doesn’t want a big diamond necklace with different stones sparkling with the other diamond stones? They give you a feel of royalty that everyone loves to experience. If you are going for Nizam designs then don’t forget to check out some extraordinary choker designs.

These designs are easily available in Indian markets but have been slowly gaining momentum in the U.S. recently. The choker can be presented to the grandmothers or seasoned mothers, which will make a great Mother's Day gift for them. You’ll find sparkling diamond stones beautifully set in 18 Kt gold with other stones such as emeralds and pearls that can be made as ancestral jewelry.

In Nizam jewelry designs you can also go for Haram necklaces. A three-tiered necklace set in 18 Kt gold. They are available in various designs which include floral ones also.

Layered gold chains to go with pendants

Gifting diamond necklace chains with a diamond-studded pendant will make a lovely Mother's Day gift. It can be worn on special occasions. Going for a wire basket diamond pendant is a good option to blindly go for. This has a brilliant sparkle making it the star of the show. You can also opt for a six-pronged pendant that has 0.5 Carat diamond set in 14 Kt white gold metal.

There are many other options available when you visit the online store such as:

  • 3-stone drop pendant
  • A heart pendant is also popular, which is set in 14 Kt Gold or platinum
  • Princess cut diamond pendant in the yellow gold setting will also make a good deal.

Studs or danglers

Diamond earrings are one of the most bought and preferred accessories when it comes to buying diamond jewelry. You can either opt for studs and drops or go for hoops and danglers. You’ll have to choose an earring that is created with care and precision.

Furthermore, you have two options. You can go for princess cut studs that will give out a timeless look, whereas petite hoop earrings are all about a chic look. Apart from these, you can look for some other designs like:

  • Wire basket stud earrings
  • Floral stud earrings set in 14 Kt gold
  • Twist hoop earring will also do

If you are having trouble selecting a piece of earrings for your mother, hoops will be a safe option. You can go for a diamond earring with other stones like for instance, emerald. They always have a charming appeal.

Studs with a small cluster of diamonds also look timeless and exude charisma when worn on special occasions. One can go for voluminous stones as well. Such stones fill you with pride and give a royal look. Trying out different combinations, as is the case with choker, you can look for combinations of diamonds with pearl or different gemstones. Emerald, aquamarine, and ruby are the most preferred stones to match your diamonds with.

Sleek bangles or bracelets

As soon as you hear about the diamond bangles and bracelets a whole new range appears on your screen. Bracelets can be worn with any kind of outfit and will match with all of them. A tennis bracelet that comes with 54 diamonds will make a good and stylish option, whereas a bar bracelet of 13 diamonds can be worn for day-to-day events. These are good but mostly on the expensive side. If you are looking for something that is light on the pocket, there are other options as well to choose from.

  • Combination of diamond and sapphire bracelet
  • Diamond and heart bracelets
  • Floral diamond bracelets

You can also go for a diamond bangle in which diamond stones are set in 14 or 18 Kt gold metal. Other than that Polki diamond set is also making rounds online. A different pair of bangles that sets a standard bar for all diamond lovers.

Diamond rings

Diamond rings are one of the cheapest diamond jewelry and can be bought even if you are on a tight budget this month. Whether it is in a bangle or a ring, a diamond has a value of its own. It will instantly become your mother’s smile. Most people associate diamond rings with weddings and engagements, but this Mother's Day gift your mother a diamond ring and see her face lit up. There are a variety of designs available online and in stores and some of the latest trends include:

  • A unique halo ring with a diamond
  • Eternity ring
  • Marquise and dot diamond ring
  • Twist diamond eternity ring
  • Micro pave diamond ring and others.

Where to buy a Mother's Day diamond jewelry gift?

As Mother's Day is around the corner, most reputed brands will be giving off special offers and discounts on selective new designs and styles. You can buy diamond jewelry for Mother's Day by either visiting the store personally or doing an online search.

If you are being too busy to visit the store you can always check out the designs on the official website of the reputed brands. You’ll not only get great deals but also get a wide variety of options to choose from. You can trust these brands to provide authentic jewelry and warranty cards. Later if the size doesn’t fit, or it is not to the taste of your mom, you can always exchange the products there. They will be more than happy to help you out.

So, this Mother's Day presents your mom with something out of the box. And see her face lit up with joy.

Happy Mother's Day!