Understanding the 4C's of Diamonds


Once you will know the 4cs of diamond then you can use it for your advantages to buy a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring of your choice within your budget.

The way you compare colors, prices and other things while buying a car or even for minor things like reserving a table in a restaurant similarly, you can compare a lot of things while buying a diamond jewelry, diamond wedding ring, engagement ring, earrings or bracelets.

Buying diamonds is not easy. Also for the ones who are buying it for the first time may not know what qualities and things to check when buying diamonds. In this blog we will give you the required information to properly evaluate diamonds quality and value to buy it with confidence.


Not two diamonds are alike and every diamond is unique and beautiful. There are a variety of factors that affect the price of a diamond. When you are looking for diamond rings within your budget then focus on those factors that are most important to you. And then choose the one that satisfies your personal standard for beauty and value.

To buy the best diamonds at an affordable price you can consult a personal diamond consultant, who can answer all your questions related to the diamond selection process. You can also chat online with us for any query.

Beauty of diamonds is timeless and will never go out of fashion no matter what. Though there are other gemstones that people might consider for their engagement rings, no gems can ever overtake the sale of diamonds. Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of commitment, beauty, love and wealth. From royalties in history to the biggest stars and celebrities wear this beautiful gem stone.

If you have also selected diamonds to be the center stone of your wedding or engagement ring then you should compare the diamonds quality and value based on their grades. That grades are made up of four factors and are known as 4C’s of diamond.

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Carat

These are the 4C’s of diamond that have its own grading scale for evaluating the diamond quality and price. When you buy a diamond online or offline then you can compare the quality of diamonds based on the grade of 4c’s. In fact, the seller also determines the price based on the 4c’s of diamond. That’s why it’s important to understand the 4c’s of diamonds to choose the right diamond jewelry for you within your budget.


The 4cs were introduced for the first time in the mid-20th century. That time the world first ever had a universal standard for judging the quality and value of a diamond. This becomes a toll for all the buyers to let them know how they can compare one diamond with another and also why the cost of diamonds vary.

It’s hard to tell the difference between two diamonds with naked eyes and especially for the beginners, who have never purchased a diamond. The 4cs are the most important factor that helps people to choose the right diamond. Knowing this means you can easily prioritize some Cs over others to find the right diamond that perfectly fits your desires and budget.


4c’s of Diamonds are – Cut, Color, Carat and Clarity.

These are the four major attributes that help in understanding the quality of a diamond and its value when comparing all the diamonds with each other. These four quality factors need to be examined and evaluated by putting on a scale to determine its value.


It’s the most complex part of all the 4cs of diamond. And the cut of the diamonds are often mistaken for shapes. But, in actuality there is a basic difference in between these two. A diamond has to be cut to give it a shape. Cut refers to the specific proportion of the diamond that crafts how well the light will reflect.

You need to know that the cut of a diamond can be differ according to its grades like –
  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

Fair and Poor Diamonds

Diamonds with minimum light leakage are of fair or poor grade. These diamonds tend to leak noticeable amounts of light also shallow in height. These types of diamonds do not meet the clarity’s minimum light performance criteria thus, it’s not a good choice for making jewelries. The fair and poor diamonds are so disastrous that most of the shops or sellers don’t even sell them. Make sure you are choosing the right diamond merchant or trader to buy the right diamond and not this grade of diamonds.

Good Diamonds

Well cut diamonds that have high degrees of sparkle and capture light are of ‘good’ grade. Good cut diamond have some light leakage, but overall shiny.

Very Good Diamonds

The diamonds that are of very good grade capture almost all the potential of the diamond. With minimal light leakage this diamond is really a brilliant piece. Diamonds are often intentionally cut to get a ‘very good’ grade so that it can improve the other characteristics like color, clarity and carat of the diamond. Very good cut diamonds will be the best for those who are looking to maximize value on the other factors.

Excellent Diamonds

It’s obvious that the diamonds that are masterfully crafted and precisely cut are known as ‘Excellent cut grade’ diamonds. Little or almost no light leakage occurs as light passes through excellent cut grade diamonds. This is always a good choice regardless of the size and shape of the diamond.

Among all the 4cs of diamonds, cut is often considered the most important part. When buying a diamond ring or jewelry it is important to ensure the light is not lost. Excellent cut diamonds are most premium but, this worth the cost.


Diamonds come in a variety of colors from soft pink to pale yellow and light blue color. But, when we talk about color grading of diamonds then we actually talk about the diamonds’ lack of color. Diamonds’ color are grade from D-Z.

All the graded diamonds from D-Z are considered white even though they contain varying degrees of colors. The colored diamonds like pink, blue and yellow are graded separately on the color scale. D is considered to be the purest and most lucid color, it is completely colorless. And when you go down you will get to see the diamond in yellowish or brownish shades.

Color buying tips

G is considered to be the best value of money diamond color. And if you are looking for even affordable diamonds then you can go down to the color H.


As we know that diamonds are formed deep within the earth under extreme heat and pressure. This means the diamonds also have some ‘birthmarks’, imperfections inside the diamond or on its surface. If the diamonds carry imperfection inside it then it called as ‘inclusions’ and when it’s on its surface then called as ‘blemishes’. The clarity grade refers to the inclusions or blemishes present on the diamond. The diamonds that have numerous inclusions and blemishes have less brilliance, because they interfere with the path of the light through diamonds. The clarity chart is - FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2. And some gemological laboratories also add SI3 and I3 grading.

The most popular grade for clarity diamonds are VS1 and VS2. Appears flawless to the naked eyes. Half of the diamonds sold falls under this category.

Clarity Buying Tip

SI1 clarity diamond is considered to be an eye clean diamond so you can consider buying this diamond for your engagement ring.


Carat is actually the weight of the diamond and reflects its size. This is the major factor that affects the cost of your diamond jewelry or diamond ring. The larger the diamond, the more expensive it becomes. This is the most visible C amongst all the 4cs of diamond. But, people always confused it with karat which is actually used to measure the purity of the gold. If a diamond is 1.00 carat then the diamond weighs 0.20 grams. Like any other thing diamonds are also measured in millimeters by length and width. And the carat of the diamond is actually the reason why diamonds are rare and expensive, because to produce 1.00ct it takes about 250 tons of rock mining.

It is true that the size or the carat of the diamond affects its price, but the price of two diamonds of the same carat can also vary based on the factors – color, clarity and cut.

Considering all the 4Cs of diamond assure you that you are buying a quality diamond and also getting exactly what you are paying for. But, also remember to buy it from a trusted diamond merchant or seller.

Which of the 4C’s of Diamond is Most Important?

Even after knowing all the 4Cs of diamond, most people think which one of the most important factors when buying a diamond engagement ring or jewelry. When it comes to evaluating a diamond then all the four factors are important. In fact, the price of a diamond also depends on these 4cs only. So, all the Cs of the diamonds are important and should be considered by buyers.

While the 4Cs of diamond and grading reports can be amazingly helpful for you to pick the right diamond engagement ring, but don’t forget that diamonds’ appeal also counts. Along with the 4cs you also need to consider that whether you or your beloved is liking it or not.