What is the Birthstone for March - Aquamarine or Bloodstone?

Are you a March baby and want to know your birthstone? Are you confused between two gemstones –Aquamarine and Bloodstone? Do you want to know which one is the March birthstone?

Well, being a March baby you are lucky to have two choices of birthstones to wear – Aquamarine and Bloodstone.

Yes, March has two birthstones, and that are Aquamarine and Bloodstone.

Those who have only heard about the March birthstone aquamarine should know that one more gemstone is associated with the month of March. Bloodstone is an alternative march birthstone, perhaps because of its gothic color palette and unusual history.

Let’s know more about both March birthstones and which one the March babies should choose for themselves or their loved ones.


Many people know aquamarine as it is the March birthstone. Jewelry like pendants, aquamarine rings, bracelets, and earrings are the most popular gift items.

The word aquamarine is the combination of two Latin words aqua –which means water, and marina – means the sea. So, the aquamarine meaning is the color of the sea.

The name of aquamarine is used for gem-quality specimens of the mineral beryl. It is the part of the beryl family just like an emerald. The color of the gemstone ranges from beautiful greenish-blue to blue. This gemstone can range from a very light hue of blue to stones with a rich vibrant color.

Most aquamarine has a very light color, almost unnoticeable. But, the stones with rich blue color are the most popular. They are rarest and also the most valuable.

Aquamarine stone is well-known for its transparent blue color. This is a beautiful and affordable gemstone. Its high-clarity and fracture-free property make it one of the best and durable gemstones. These are more attractive and less likely to damage.

And do you know that most pieces of translucent aquamarine are used in jewelry? The translucent aquamarine is often cut into beads and sometimes as cabochons. Necklaces strung with blue and pastel pink beads make a beautiful combination.

Aquamarine Meaning and History

The primary March birthstone is aquamarine. This gemstone promotes courage and communication and enhances clarity. Also, it is supposed to reduce the fear of speaking and enhance articulation.

There’s a belief that this stone came from mermaid tales and that’s why they were considered good-luck charms for sailors. They used to carry the aquamarine stone to ensure a safe journey. Some still associate this gemstone with safe journeys.

The March birthstone is a great gift to remind someone to be confident and brave in all situations.

What to Consider While Buying Aquamarine Jewelry?

Aquamarine is a very popular gemstone that can be found in almost every jewelry store. If you are planning to gift aquamarine jewelry to a March baby. Or, you need an engagement ring with aquamarine stone then here a few things that you must consider: -

  • Durability
  • Color
  • Size


Durability is the property that enables the gemstones to resist scratching. If you want to use it daily then you must check the gemstone durability. Aquamarine ranks 7.5 – 8 on Mohs Hardness Scale. This makes it one of the harder gemstones. However, it is also brittle.


If you are looking for a beautiful aquamarine ring or other pieces of jewelry at an affordable price then its color is the most important thing that you must consider. The price of aquamarine jewelry is mainly determined by the weight and strength of its color. The light blue aquamarine stones are abundant and inexpensive. While the rich and vibrant blue aquamarine stones are very expensive because the rich color in aquamarine is rare. Well, a small aquamarine stone with rich blue color will cost a lot more than the same-size stone with a faint blue color.


If you are looking for a rich and vibrant blue aquamarine stone then you will have to go for a large stone size as the small size gems do not come in rich blue color. March Birthstone Aquamarine comes in a variety of sizes, but it is difficult to find a small gem in rich blue color. When the size of the gemstone increases, the strength of its apparent color also increases.


Meaning and History of Bloodstone

In the world of gemstones, no other gemstones hold a spiritual history and importance than a bloodstone. This is because the red spots on this deep green colored gemstone represent the blood of Jesus Christ.

Bloodstone is deep green and almost the black gemstone with dark red, orange, and brown spots. This is considered an alternative birthstone for March. Historically, this gemstone was treasured for its beauty. Earlier it was referred to as the sunstone but later it is known as Christ’s stone. The alternative march birthstone is closely linked to the energy that our lifeblood carries. This helps in boosting courage, strength, passion, and vitality.

According to the legend, when Christ was crucified, his blood dripped onto the green ground and this deep green stone with red spots was formed. And, since then it is associated with the crucifixion of Christ.

For almost 2000 years people used to believe that bloodstone has healing properties. Its protective properties are beneficial for those who own it, wear it, or carries. This is the reason why most people opt for it as a birthday or anniversary gift for their closed ones.

March secondary birthstone comes in wide varieties and shades. Also, this is available in different cuts and shapes such as oval, cushion cut, cabochon, oval, octagonal, and emerald cut.

Bloodstone can be found in many places in the world. But the finest quality of bloodstone in more quantity found in India, Brazil, Madagascar, and Australia.

It is one of those few gemstones found in Scotland.

Does Bloodstone Make a Good Jewelry Stone?

Bloodstone is a type of quartz, and its rank is 6-7 on the Mohs scale, which makes it fairly scratch resistant. But, you still needed to be careful when wearing bloodstone. Due to the hardness, bloodstone is an excellent choice for jewelry. The beautiful dark green shade with blood-red results in visually striking material.

Those who are planning to gift beautiful jewelry to their beloved who was born in March can opt for a bloodstone ring, earrings, or other pieces of jewelry.

But while selecting a bloodstone ring or any other jewelry, a few things should be considered by you like

  • Metal
  • Cut
  • Weight

These are the three most important things to consider while buying bloodstone jewelry as these are the things that determine the price of bloodstone jewelry.

Bloodstone value

Bloodstones are relatively less costly than different types of gemstones of the same type. Also, it is less expensive than the primary March birthstone - rich blue aquamarine stones. The color and number of dark spots in the deep green stone play the primary role in the value of a bloodstone. The more the blood-red spots or orange spots on the stone are, the higher the charges will be. And also, the artistry of the lapidary contributes to the price of bloodstone jewelry.

Buying Bloodstone Jewelry

Bloodstone jewelry can be purchased for people who were born in March. This is the secondary birthstone for March babies. One of the most beautiful yet semi-precious stones, bloodstone is associated with Christianity. Also, it is said to carry healing powers, which makes it a perfect gift for near and dear ones.

But, before you buy bloodstone jewelry, you must examine the stone closely to prevent yourself from buying anything which is not genuine. You can easily be misled to buy something which is not genuine and is a fake stone. So, be careful and look for the biggest characteristics of bloodstones.

One of the most important characteristics of a bloodstone you must consider while buying it is the brightness and how well the stone shines. This is the best indication of whether the gemstone is real or fake. Remember, bloodstone is an opaque gemstone, so the clarity of the gemstone isn’t a big factor to check its quality and assessing the genuineness.

While choosing the metal for bloodstone then you can go with yellow gold or sterling silver. These metals are best complemented with bloodstone gemstone. The metals make the darker and richer color of the gemstone stand out.

This March birthstone is also perfect for pendant pieces that are available in different shapes to complement any type of ring. Bloodstone size and color make it particularly appealing for men’s rings.

These are easily available at jewelry stores from where you can buy your choice of bloodstone ring, pendant, or earrings for your near and dear ones or one for yourself.

Cleaning and caring tips for your bloodstone jewelry

You can use warm soapy water and a soft cloth or brush to wash your bloodstone ring, earring, or pendant. Make sure not to wear it when you are cleaning something with chemicals, or doing gardening. Keep your March birthstone in a soft cloth, cotton, or a container, to avoid scratches and damages.

Final Note

As you know there are two birthstones for March – aquamarine, and bloodstone. But aquamarine is the primary March birthstone. So, you should opt for aquamarine gemstone if you want to select a birthday or wedding anniversary gift for your near and dear ones.