How to Keep Your Diamond Jewelry Clean and Sparkling

Who doesn’t like diamond Jewelry? Those sparkling little stones that catch the light and shine radiantly.

To keep them in that state, it is very important to clean them regularly. Unfortunately, you will get information on how to choose the best Jewelry but not much on how to take care of the Jewelry properly. You can give them for regular cleaning, but you can also try cleaning them at home. Lets’ check out some of the ways to keep our most precious possessions clean.

Being the hardest natural substance in the world, they still need extra care when it comes to maintaining its brilliance. Wearing the ring or any other diamond Jewelry every day can leave them a little dull.

Regular use of make-up, hair sprays, and hand lotions, detergent can tarnish the shine of your diamond Jewelry as they get deposited over the stone, making a thin layer. This way the shine gets reduced a little bit as this layer of dust stops the light from entering the diamond and restricting it.

Here, are a few pointers listed below to help you treat your diamond Jewelry properly. Whether it is white gold diamond rings or platinum diamond rings if you have a proper guide, they can be restored back to their initial beauty.

How often should one clean their diamond ring?

For every day wear diamond Jewelry need extra care. For that, you must clean them up at least once a week. This must be done to keep dust and oil away. You can also take it to the Jeweler twice a year to get it thoroughly cleaned especially if it gets exposed to good amount of debris.

If you spend too much time outdoor or in the kitchen, it may lose its lustre. In that case, it is best to get it cleaned by the Jeweler. They use professionally grade products to deal with the dirt deposited in the crevices and restore the radiance of the stone back.

If you can clean it lightly at home at regular intervals and take it off during work, then the damage will be less, and you can take it away to the Jeweler for cleaning less frequently.

What not to do with your diamond Jewelry?

You may take extra care of your diamond Jewelry, and there are products available in the market to make your diamond shines as a new one. There are certain restrictions to what you should not do to keep the stones from losing its lustre.

First is the use of ultrasonic Jewelry cleaners. These machines treat the diamond by creating low-frequency vibrations in the water mixed with cleaning solutions. It takes them hardly few minutes and your Jewelry can be treated. They completely remove the dirt from the Jewelry. This is not safe for the Jewelry as due to the vigorous vibrations the stone may come lose and fall off in the machine.

To avoid that you can get your Jewelry checked professionally and test the stones if they are perfectly intact. They can secure it too. So, taking it to the Jeweler can seem like a good idea.

Secondly, it will be a bad idea to treat your diamond ring and other Jewelry using household cleaners such as chlorine, acetone, and bleach. These harsh chemicals are tough on the base metals in the ring.

Using abrasive materials such as baking soda, powdered cleaners or even the toothpaste should be avoided. They may scratch the metals and spoils their lustre, especially metals like gold.

As they are common cleaning products, people use them for cleaning their Jewelry too. What they don’t know is that it causes more harm to the Jewelry. Due to the abrasive effect on the metal it can spoil the metal and make it lose the shining effect.

These stones may seem strong but the metal holding on to the stone may get damaged by the corrosive effect of the product. The precious diamond should be treated carefully or else it may damage your Jewelry irrevocably.

How to go about cleaning your diamond Jewelry at home?

People who use their diamond regularly and put it to a good use then it is sure to get dirty easily. Use of cosmetics, oil, detergent, dough and such other products may get stuck in the crevices and make it unclean.

You can’t wear it out without cleaning them thoroughly. This may call you to take care of the Jewelry immediately or the dirt may build up and make it hard for you to clean it up.

You can use some simple cleaning hacks to treat your diamond engagement ring to keep it shining always. Simple ways to get them cleaned at home to bring back the sparkle can save you a visit to the Jeweler.

The best and easy method to clean your diamond Jewelry is to brush it off using warm water. Before you start off with the process of thoroughly cleaning your Jewelry make sure you follow the steps.

Check the condition of the ring

It is very important that you thoroughly examine your diamond Jewelry before you set out to clean them. Check if the claws are firm, if the stone is moving in the setting and such other issues. If you see such issues it will better if you take them to the Jeweler right away.

If you leave it as it is, then there may be more damage and you may lose a stone or two while getting them cleaned.

The Jeweler will look at the stones properly and fix wherever required. Apart from that they will clean it for you. After all it is better than losing your precious stones.

Clean the ring with the washing liquid

If your Jewelry is in a good condition, then you can clean it up yourself. The second step to cleaning your diamond Jewelry is to use a washing liquid to rinse it. Rings and earing get dirty very easily.

The use of make-up and perfume can make your Jewelry make it sparkle again you must rinse it in the water first. For that, fill a pitcher with warm or hot water. Add a little bit of washing up liquid. Leave your Jewelry in the solution for about 20-40 minutes.

You can use body wash, or soft washing liquid. They will not be harsh on the metal and will leave a fragrance on your Jewelry. Using a shampoo will be a great alternative to dishwash or any other strong detergent.

While choosing a Jewelry cleaner make sure they don’t contain any kind of moisturizer. The moisturizer may leave a light film on the stone and the metal holding it. You must avoid it as your cleaning will have no meaning to it otherwise.

Brushing it up

Next step to clean your diamond Jewelry is by brushing the stones using a soft bristled toothbrush. Use a children’s toothbrush as they are appropriate for cleaning the narrow crevices without disturbing the adhesives. Do not use toothbrushes that don’t have rubber bristles.

If you keep the same toothbrush for cleaning the diamond Jewelry it will be best. Don’t use it for any other purposes as they will stay soft. The bristle don’t get bend from regular use.

The lower part of the Jewelry must be cleaned as well. This should be done as most dirt gets accumulated in the lower part, around the base, where the stone is mounted. This way it gets easy to clean it.

Place your ring under the running water

Once your ring gets all brushed up its time to rinse it thoroughly. You can do that by placing it under the running water to remove all the stuck-up dirt.

Plug in the sink before turning the full force of water on your ring. This will help you from dropping the ring straight into the drain. Do this for 2-3 times under quick sprays.

Pat it dry

You won’t see the sparkle until you follow the next step. Use a soft linen or cotton cloth to dry off your Jewelry. Leave it over the cloth for a few minutes and then pat it dry softly. Using a soft cotton cloth will not scratch at the metal as generally the paper towels do. You can also air dry your Jewelry or ring.

Polish the diamond Jewelry

Once you dry the Jewelry and remove all droplets of water from the gaps now it’s time to polish it. You can use a polishing cloth, which is easily available in the market. You can rub polishing cloth over the white gold or platinum metal to make the metal shine.

Store this cloth in a Ziploc bag or any resealable bag so that, it doesn’t gather any dust. This way you won’t have to keep cleaning it again and again.

Final Say

Looking at the advertisements, it may force you to think that diamonds are the best thing a woman can own. It may be the best, but to keep it looking the same it requires high maintenance and lot of attention. If you buy diamond Jewelry, then you must take special care of it as it speaks of a deeper emotion.