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      13 products

      Adolph Link, the son of an Austrian bench jeweler, arrived in New York City in 1900. After apprenticing for three years with renowned manufacturing jewelers such as Van Cleef, Harry Winston, and Tiffany, he established his own company, ALink, in 1904. Adolph's creations were a beautiful fusion of Viennese artistry and designs influenced by his assimilation into the heart of his new home, America. The marriage of European virtuosity and the vibrant spirit of New York City resulted in stunning jewelry pieces. Working primarily with diamonds and platinum, Adolph crafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings that showcased the inherent beauty of the earth's most precious minerals while using minimal metal, as he believed in the concept of "less is more."

      Our jewelry collection is a reflection of the modern cosmopolitan woman and her desire to adorn herself with "SPARKLE," whether it be for everyday wear or special occasions. It serves as a subtle accent that can go unnoticed at times or as a show-stopping piece that exudes overwhelming magnificence. For 114 years, ALink has strived to create jewelry that embodies the relevance, style, and grace of a city. Our designs not only reflect our heritage but also capture the excitement and grandeur of New York City, delivering a timeless elegance that resonates with our customers.