6 Types of Budget Friendly Diamond Jewelery for Every Party Goer


Do you like to rock the party? Do you try to outshine everyone in the party? Then you must certainly have diamond to make a mark.

For different people every piece of jewellery holds special meaning. Some like rings whereas, others like to try earrings. Some may find necklaces attractive, while others look for anklets. No matter what they buy, for some it may be a part to accessorize their look but for many it’s about reflecting their identity.

It’s same with diamond wedding bands, which most people exchange to symbolize something beautiful. The diamonds being one of the expensive stone holds special meaning to the Jewelry. You may use it as a different types of Jewelry. Some of these jewelries can be used for everyday purposes whereas others are set aside for parties and special events.

People who love partying and try to breathe in life to the special occasions know how important it is to dress up accessorize. Staying on top with the latest fashion trends is what keeps them ahead of others. Turn heads along the way with gorgeous jewelries that feature stunning diamonds. The outfits will become worth millions once you add a diamond Jewelry to it. Being a versatile stone, you can use it with any color. Adding a diamond Jewelry can keep you stress free and worry about which accessory will go with your dress.

Types of budget friendly diamond Jewelry for a party goer

Diamond Stud Earrings

If you want to start adding diamond to your Jewelry collection, then it should be with diamond studs for earrings. You can use different shapes of diamond stones to give you that sparkling look. For studs you don’t need strong fashion or styling sense. Just look for something that goes with your face cut.

Studs can be worn regularly and go with all types of dresses. If you have the right pair, then nothing can stop you from owning the event. Floral studs are one on great demand. Round ones are classic, but you can experiment and mix match different shapes and styles.

If it’s in your budget, then you can buy a stud with the cluster of small diamonds or go for one medium sized stone. Try on butterfly or heart shaped ones to bring life to your simple lifestyle.

Diamond Rings

Who doesn’t like diamond on their rings? One doesn’t have to get engaged to get one on their finger. Having a diamond ring can be a show stopper. Think out of the box and instead of buying a gold ring go for a diamond.

You can couple the stone with rose gold or white. You can also try a platinum ring. Customize it with different textures to give it a new look. They won’t cost you much and even a small stone means a lot. For a party look you can go for double bands with string of mini stones. After all diamonds are all about bling.

Diamond Nose Pins

Another diamond Jewelry, which you can add to your accessory without disturbing your budget is diamond nose pin. Some of us may think that nose pins are too ethnic to match western dresses. Once you wear it you will how wrong that notion is.

There are variety of designs and shapes available in the market for you to choose from. You can use platinum, rose gold, white gold, combination of both and so much more. You can also try diamond with other gemstones to reflect it on your face. Designs that are famous among the crowd is that of flowers. You can also opt for stars.

If you like wearing nose pins on daily basis, you can do so using a medium sized single stone or a cluster of mini diamonds. They will all look good and glamorous. They are not very expensive. If you want to buy a diamond Jewelry online, then you will get multiple options to choose from various brands.

Diamond Pendant

Diamond pendants are another piece of Jewelry that can make a striking impact by going soft on your pocket. String in a diamond pendant on a platinum or gold chain and you are good to go. It can easily compliment your office look or casual wear. You can wear it to the party and watch people compliment you.

For parties you can opt for trendy designs. This will make a bold statement and set the mood for the party right. Heart, letters, and petal shapes are old fashioned. Ditch them and try some new attractive designs. There are latest designs that coming in the market. They are not as costly as necklaces but if you have two or three or them you can always change the style.

Diamond Danglers

If studs don’t suit your face, then don’t worry. You can always go for danglers. They are common choice when it comes to styling earring for parties. They never go out of fashion. Those gorgeous danglers can transform your face within seconds. Diamond danglers can make your evening gowns into a fairy tale. Whether your face is round or contoured try on varieties of danglers to find which one suits you best.

They don’t cost you much but put a lot of weightage to the look. You can buy one for a starting price of 300$ average. Choose which one suits you best, wear it, and rock the party.

Diamond Bracelets

We all have a beautiful body, but we may have one or two refined assets. Some have beautiful eyes, whereas others have beautiful nose. If you have beautiful hands then you can definitely go for diamond bracelets.

This can be an eye-catching, simple addition to your Jewelry collection without burdening your budget. They uplift the look effortlessly by adding subtle feminine touch to the person.

Band-style bracelets have grown old. So, try something new such as double-peacock style or slender bracelets that can be notable and elegant. Simple designs can cost you around 30k. You can also go for tennis bracelets and mix and match the diamond with other gemstones to change the look.

Bracelets unlike bangles are quite light and enhance the contours of your hands. You can wear it at different occasions and the look won’t grow old.

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How does real diamond look?

Not all stones can be turned into a diamond. It can be difficult to determine the worth of a diamond. To tell the real diamond from a fake one can be very tricky for an untrained eye. So, whenever you buy diamond Jewelry online then make sure you purchase it from a reputed brand.

How to tell if a Diamond is real at Home

Sometimes, while buying diamond Jewelry, we may not know that we have been cheated with a fake one. It is always best to get the diamond Jewelry from the reputed brands and get the proof of its authenticity. When you are at home you can try some tricks to find if the stone is genuine or not. Here, are some of them listed below;

With water

You can easily check the authenticity of the real diamonds by using a simple step using water.

For that, you need to find a medium-sized drinking glass and fill it three-fourth with water. Now, carefully immerse the loose stone into the water.

If your stone sinks, then it is a real diamond. If you find it floating at the surface or mid-way, then it’s definitely a fake. Its’ because the density of the real is quite high and using water test you can determine the same.

With Fog

Another test to determine the authenticity of the stone is by using fog. Just place the stone in front of your mouth and fog it up like you do with mirror. Since, for a real diamond the condensation doesn’t stick to the surface it will not fog up easily. Whereas, for a fake one the stone will stay fogged up for few seconds.

With a Magnifying Glass

You can also use magnifying glass to determine if the diamond with you is real. Using a magnifying glass look for imperfections in the stone. If there are no imperfections, then most probably it is fake. Real diamonds have imperfections or popularly known as inclusions. Now, we not be able to tell between imperfections so, it is best to take it to the jeweler if the above two tests go wrong.

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Diamond Jewelry are quite loved among the girls. Even men go for diamond now and then. If you are starting your collection, it is best to buy diamond Jewelry that are not heavy on your pocket. Remember, the more expensive a Jewelry is, it requires more maintenance. Buy some budget-friendly diamond Jewelry pieces that can be worn at home, office and other events. So, get your own collection of diamond Jewelry and flaunt it next time you get invited to a party.