Valentine's Day Diamond Jewelry Buying Guide

Some of you might be waiting for the special day to arrive to express your feelings for your loved one. Where men go for expensive watches and accessories, women like jewelries the best. Haven’t you heard ‘girls like diamonds’?

These sparkling stones have been associated with infinite love, purity, and faithfulness. As they say, ‘Diamonds are forever’, it is something that would last after time as well. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, if you are planning to gift your lady love something special, then go for diamond jewelry. They will mesmerize your partner to space and beyond.

Here, is a list of Valentine’s Day diamond jewelry ideas that would make a special surprise.

Valentine’s Day Diamond Jewelry Ideas

Diamond Earrings

If you buy diamond earrings you may have to check which one would make the perfect valentine’ day diamond jewelry gift for your partner. It can be a stud or a hoop. This piece of jewelry is simply stunning and timeless. Your loved one can flaunt this beauty with almost every dress and the appeal will remain the same. Even the price of this piece of accessory won’t leave a hole in your pocket.

You can also choose from a variety of dangle earrings, that can be worn from office day wear to night party-wears. If your partners have a cool personality, the danglers would sparkle with vibrant colors as her lifestyle.

Diamond Ring

It is not necessary that you give a diamond ring only for the wedding or engagement. Remind her of your love and commitment with another diamond ring this valentine’s day. The cost of a Valentine’s Day diamond ring won’t set a big difference in your monthly budget, but it will convey your feelings to your partner well.

Those beautiful designs will melt any heart and you won’t have to worry if she will like it or not. Remember to get the ring measurement before you set out to buy a diamond ring. If you have an expanded budget, simply buy an eternity ring. They never get old and represent life-long partnership and endless love. Related Article: How to Buy Diamond Engagement Ring on a Budget

Diamond Bracelets

Bracelets are simple yet stunning diamond jewelry that makes a strong fashion statement. You can wear it with a suit and also pair it with casual. Whatever you do, you will rock the dress with this piece of accessory. You can buy a Valentine’s Day diamond bracelet with two small stones or a string of stones in a tennis bracelet. It all depends upon your budget. Just check with your partner which metal setting she would like to have stones set on. The metal may go from platinum to yellow gold.

You can choose a beige tint or slight yellow diamond stones to be set in rose or yellow gold setting. Before you buy just check the uniformity and clarity of the diamond.

Heart Necklaces

It is not possible not to mention hearts while talking about Valentine’s Day diamond gifts. You can opt for heart-shaped necklaces that are very popular among women of high-spirit. The styles may vary by stone, metal, and setting. Even the price ranges from high-end to affordable ones. You can choose the design in chains and pendants. Select the necklace length from a mid-length princess, extra-long opera, and choker.

Heart designs are quite popular among women and they can never go wrong. As pendants are worn close to one’s heart it is one of the best gifts one can get for their partner for this Valentine’s Day

Heart Rings

Heart designs can never go out of fashion. You can find big stoned heart rings that can win your loved one’s heart in no time. No matter how appreciative your woman can be of different sizes and shapes, but heart-shaped ones are the perfect gift for your valentine.

There are lovely designs with a heart as the center design that can be worn in different styles and sizes. Gift your partner a heart ring and see that bright smile lights up her face like a full moon. Valentine’s Day diamond ring prices may range from high end to affordable also.

Customized Diamond Jewelry

Having a particular idea in your mind, then don’t stop yourself from planning great diamond jewelry. Visit a trusted brand known for its customized diamond jewelry and tell them how you want it. You can select the size, shape, setting, stone color, and metal to design your diamond jewelry. If you customize it, you can keep the cost under budget.

Are you planning to go overboard with the spending the customized product will give words to your thoughts?

All you need is a jeweler who will be able to understand your idea and bring it to life. It can be a ring, bracelet, or even necklaces. These meaningful personalized gifts will sparkle your valentines’ special day.

Tips to buy Valentine’s Day diamond jewelry for your loved one

Understand your partner’s taste

You may want to gift your loved one a diamond that is trendy and in style. Who doesn’t want that? Your better half may also do, but the one you choose may not suit her personality or taste. Some may like the classic and more traditional piece whereas others may like stylish diamond jewelry. So, before you set out to buy a gift for your partner, take their perspective into account.

Instead of directly asking your partner about their choice but find what they like best secretly. By trying to get an idea about your loved one’s choice you can make Valentine’s Day diamond jewelry gift as a surprise. You may find it easier if you can find out if the person likes modern designs or vintage ones. Also, check if the person prefers yellow gold or white gold. To find it you can take the help of their best friend.

Calculate your budget

You may want to show your unending love by gifting diamond jewelry to your loved one, but these pieces may cost a lot. This season may make you spend more than your budget it is important to set the budget from the very beginning. Don’t overlook your financial situation while visiting a diamond jewelry store online.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, diamond stores, give a good discount and bring out new offers to lure customers. The stores also launch new affordable products to make it easier for their customers to buy a good piece at reasonable prices. All you need to do is do some research before buying jewelry.

Compare the jewelry in different online stores to get the best deal. Start a few weeks back so that, you get timely delivery while buying diamond jewelry online for valentines’ day.

Instill creativity

Transparent or white diamonds may be traditional but may seem boring after you wear them for too long. For those people, fancy diamonds are a good alternative. These attractive jewelries fit all kinds of styles and have an aesthetic appeal. The important thing is that they appear in wide varieties and great price range. The pink diamond may mesmerize you with the ‘wow factor’ and is used in various pieces of jewelry. You can buy a pendant or earrings that may appeal to your loved one. These diamonds mean a lot as they represent loyalty, eternal commitment, and above all love.

Trying to find something sparkly while avoiding the blood diamonds, your best option is lab diamond. They are 20-40% cheaper than those naturally found ones.

Look for warranty

If you purchase diamond jewelry from a reliable brand, the company will surely provide you with a warranty card and return policy intact. It may cost you extra but getting a warranty card will be a good idea for expensive jewelry. Especially those made of pure gold are prone to damage so, it is important to get a warranty card for such diamond jewelry.

Precautions against fraud

You may often come across a store that provides more than a 50% discount on their jewelry. You need to be cautious of such stores. They may add hidden charges to the piece, or the stone made be defective or fake. To avoid getting duped it is necessary to buy from a reliable retailer. You could ask for recommendations or visit websites that allow you to find reliable jewelry stores using ZIP code.

How to buy diamond jewelry for your valentine?

Many of you may plan on presenting your loved one with a diamond band, bracelet, earring, or necklace on this Valentine’s Day. Nothing could outshine that. You should have a certain amount of knowledge while purchasing a diamond for your partner. The deals may lure you into buying a diamond product but later you may get into issues of some of the other kinds.

Here, is a list of expert tips that will help you in understanding the 4Cs of diamond’s quality and how to avoid vendors that may indirectly charge you for their jewelry.

Choose the right vendor

Always remember to buy your diamond jewelry from the trusted retailers. With digitalization, most top brands have an online presence as well. These vendors not only provide authentic deals but also at a good price. You can buy diamond jewelry through online shopping rather than visiting stores. You will be able to compare the deals and prices on one platform without traveling from one end to another. Online diamond jewelry stores are better than the retail store in the mall. Why do you ask? It is mainly because:

  • Opening and operating a diamond store is quite expensive. The rent and labor cost of the retail store is quite high. Then there is a cost of maintenance, utilities, promotion, and advertising as well.
  • The jewelry can be bought from the comfort of your house. If you buy anything online, you won’t have to travel back and forth to compare the deals.
  • A huge cost to purchase the inventory for the display and lighting is also added to the product.

All these costs for opening and operating a store smoothly are added for a significant margin for the retailer to make a certain amount of profit. This makes the retail store price of diamond jewelry 40% more than what you will have to pay through online stores. Some of the stores can offer you good diamond items at reasonable prices.

What to look for while buying a diamond?

All diamonds may seem similar on a display board, but they are all not the same when it comes to quality. Not all of them can be considered to be 100% pure some are natural while as some are lab-grown diamonds. If you learn what to look for while purchasing a diamond you will be able to strike a good deal. There many factors that help in determining the value and quality of the diamond. Among them, there are four pillars of Cs that make a good diamond. They are as follows:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Carat weight, and
  • Clarity

These factors ensure the diamond’s quality and how much brilliance it will reflect when exposed to light. It also determines the level of colorlessness and the clarity of the stone. It’s these four factors that dictate the price of diamond jewelry. The better the color, cut, carat weight, and clarity the more will be its cost. If you can find such a stone, you should buy it right away as it will strike the right balance between the price and the quality of the stone. This way you won’t feel cheated.

Know AGS and GIA certified diamonds

All your diamonds must have a certificate issued by the vendor. If you buy an original diamond from a reputable source, then you will surely get an independent lab report that has the properties of the diamond mentioned. It will have information about the color grade, clarity, cut quality, and even the carat weight. Apart from these, they contain other information that will help you evaluate the value and quality of the stone.

You can consider all the certifications to be genuine. So, there are two certifications namely, AGS and GIA can be trusted to provide an accurate evaluation of the diamond you are about to buy. These grading entities are one of the trusted and respected certifications in the industry.

Know the size

If you are planning to pop up the question on this special day, then nothing can be better than a diamond ring as a Valentine’s Day gift. If you are not then it is best to stay away from the rings, as it gives a mixed message. People for whom it’s their first valentines’ day, no other gift can equal a promise band.

Final words

Whatever your idea is, it will work only if you have the right size. It will save you time in resizing the ring. Whether it is a ring or bracelet you must have a clear idea about your partners’ finger or wrist size.

To make it a special memory it is important that you make great choices with your diamond options.