The Complete Guide to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

It’s easy to buy an engagement diamond ring online when you know the basic and also important things to be considered. But, this can be a tricky and challenging task for those who have never bought a diamond ring before.

Buying a diamond ring was not so difficult for people. Only a few questions were required to decide how to buy an engagement ring in diamonds.

Princess or emerald cut? White or yellow gold?

But, today there are a lot of options available to choose from. From cut to shape, clarity to designs and styles, one can find a unique variety of engagement rings.

Well, buying an engagement ring doesn’t only mean to go for white traditional stone, but many other things that should be considered by the buyer.

To save time and money people now take a smarter step of buying a diamond engagement ring online. And if you are also one of those smart people who has opted for buying an engagement ring online then makes the process a lot easier and hassle-free for the customers.

If you are confused with a lot of available varieties in diamond rings and other gemstone engagement rings then this guide will help you to buy an engagement ring online.

Only a few things that are needed to be considered during online shopping of your engagement ring, that are as follows: -

Determine your budget

Before you start digging the style, shape, and designs to select the best engagement ring for the love of your life, it’s important to know how much you are ready to spend or what you can afford.

You might have heard about the very popular ‘two months’ salary’ rule to buy a diamond ring. But this is a complete myth. There are a lot of people who spend a lot more and a lot less than the amount that equates to two months’ salary.

If you know your partner’s choices - what designs or shapes she will like then you can start your research there or you can simply think about a number that you can comfortably spend. Along with this, you will have to consider your daily expenses and also long-term goals to know how much you should spend.

The cost of a diamond ring varies depending on its cut, size, shape, and design. If you have any specific requirements regarding all these factors then the budget might increase. So, either determine your budget depending on your requirements or first figure out your budget and then search for a diamond ring accordingly.

No need to buy diamonds


Do you really think that only diamond rings are apt for an engagement ring? No doubt the diamonds are the traditional center stone of engagement or wedding rings, but today you get a lot of beautiful options to choose from.

Modern wedding rings and engagement rings now come in beautiful hues. Undoubtedly, the sparkling beauty of diamonds is almost irreplaceable, but colored stones are not less beautiful than diamonds in any terms.

If being unique is your requirement then you can go for a gemstone engagement ring to woo your beloved fiancé.

The best part of buying gemstone rings is that you can add sparkle with beautiful hues to your engagement ring. There are wide varieties of colored stones are available. Sapphire and emerald are the choicest gemstones that are much rarer than diamonds. But, most jewelers provide some cheaper alternatives that look exactly like the real thing.

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Couple ring


A lot of people look for matching rings today. Some of them come with sentimental values while others are just for fun. So, this is one of the important things to consider when you are buying your engagement ring.

Choosing the size and number of your diamond engagement ring is the primary consideration, but selecting a couple engagement ring or couple wedding ring will make you go creative as well.

There are several designs available for matching rings. Whether you want a classy look or go for more contemporary, certain things must be considered before selecting a couple-rings or matching rings for you both.

Whilst the engagement ring can only be worn on a ring finger, a couple-ring can be worn on any ring. So, you can choose the size of the ring according to the size of your finger on which you want to wear it.

The bottom line is that if you and your partner have the same or similar taste then opt for a matching couple ring.

Know the 4C’s


Cut, clarity, carat, and color are the four major components of diamonds that determine the diamond’s quality. If you are sure you want to go with traditional diamond center stone in your engagement ring and not the other gemstone engagement ring then it’s important to know about 4C’s of diamonds.

The 4Cs of diamonds will help you to make the best decision of selecting the beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Each of the C is graded on a scale and can be evaluated for quality. The grading of the 4 components helps determine the price or value of the diamond and also its quality. Well, what’s the main reason for having the basic knowledge of 4Cs of a diamond is that you can easily compare two similar diamonds in terms of price and quality. But what remains the most important is how the diamond looks with naked eyes.

  • Cut is perhaps the most important aspect of diamond quality. This refers to the quality of a diamond’s angles and symmetrical facets, fire, finishing details, brilliance, and proportions.
  • Color of a diamond is graded in terms of how sparkling white or colorless a diamond is. The grades go from D to Z, with D being the most colorless. And Z contains a tint of yellow and brown hues.
  • And the rest Cs of a diamond that is Clarity and Carat tells about how clean a diamond is and its weight respectively.

When buying a diamond ring or any diamond jewelry, you will have to consider all the 4Cs of diamonds.

Consider her style


Now when you know the things that are must be considered while buying an engagement ring, the next most important thing to consider is her style. Most couples know each other’s choices but in case you have no idea what type of ring she could like then pick one that would match her style.

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Consider her style what type of jewelries she likes to wear- was it funky and trendy? Or, she likes to wear simple and traditional jewelries?

One of the best ways to know her style is by checking out her Instagram and Facebook feeds. There you will get lots of ideas of her choice. Whether she likes rose or yellow gold, or whether you should buy a simple diamond ring with platinum.

Get her family, friends, or relatives’ advice. They might help you in selecting the best engagement ring for her.

Compare styles

Browse through some shopping sites and catalogs and try to find out the ones that match her styles. You can also see the rings she already has and compare the two to decide which looks like a good match for her taste.

But, we would recommend you to go for the timeless styles. And if you want her to wear it daily then you should go for a simple and durable ring that can be used as daily wear.

It’s important to know your jewelers before you buy a diamond engagement ring online.

Research online jewelers

When you are buying something precious like an engagement ring then it’s really important to do your research. Choose a retailer you can trust on.

Check their online reviews and policies, because the trusted businesses and portals are always known for their quality services and products. The real customers rate their business and give reviews about their experience. Hearing about real customers’ experiences can help you to select the right online diamond store or jeweler.

This is a great way to build confidence in a company. Also, ensure that you are buying from a jeweler that has a lifetime warranty, insured shipping, and a return policy. With all these safeguards you can be sure your purchase is secure.

Make your selection

Once you feel you have chosen the best online jeweler that has the best diamond engagement rings selection then it’s time to choose the ring. You will get lots of options to choose from and in case you need any help, feel free to reach out and ask.

Diamonds can be difficult to understand at a glance, especially for the novice, so having an expert’s advice or suggestion can be a great way to feel confident about the look, design, and sparkle of the diamond. Once you are sure, you can make your selection.

Bonus tip:

Don't rush it. Give yourself at least three-four weeks before you plan to propose. The more time you will have, the better the selection you could make. And also you will have enough time to get the ring shipped to you. Once you are done, sit back and plan the perfect proposal to make her say ‘Yes’. Good luck!